Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What’s Your Frequency?

So you now have an idea of how to calm and quiet the mind and welcome miracles into your life.  As you reach new levels of concentration and mind discipline, you are increasing the overall frequency of yourself and your body.  Imagine a frequency scale of 1 to 10 (1 lowest/10 highest) in which you can exist on a daily basis. 

If you start off your day dreading it and hating what’s ahead, you’re going to exist in a lower frequency. 

If you start the day with a positive attitude with a smile on your face, you are well on your way to keeping a higher frequency.  

The frequency can change throughout the day, but a general rule is that a higher frequency is better for you health-wise and for those around you because you affect everyone you come across.  So – no frowning!

OK, so who cares?  Well, there are many benefits to maintaining a higher frequency – especially when it comes to reaching new levels of awareness and accessing higher levels of information and being healthier overall.  There’s a lot of insight, information, inspiration, and wisdom up there in the higher frequencies.  You just have to earn the right to gain access to it!

Lots of activities and thoughts can either promote or detract from the reaching of higher frequencies.  Here’s a quick glimpse into a few of them:

High Frequency

Low Frequency

Service to Others

Service to Self

The act of quieting the mind and practicing meditation is a significant contributor to the reaching of higher frequencies.  It allows your mind to play in that quiet space without distractions about dirty dishes, homework, bills to pay, errands to run, etc.  It also helps you to attract other higher frequency activities, circumstances, and people (nice people!) into your life.  

Take inventory of your day and think about your attitude, your actions, and your words and decide if they contribute to a lower frequency or a higher frequency.  The goal is a higher frequency! 

I really enjoy the work, lessons, and inspiration of Abraham-Hicks (Esther Hicks obviously has access to that higher information/source!)  I always enjoy the little tidbits of information that are shared.  I found this neat uplifting video that features several of these pieces of wisdom.  Very good for frequency-building!

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  1. perfect timing for this. and we need to help raise the frequency vibration for the planet, too!