Sunday, February 14, 2016


Just as the waves, frequencies, and energies of potential flow into this current time-space position in the new year, the collective feminine energy senses a new carrier wave of empowerment and creative possibility. 

What could be so novel about this breath of courage and balance that flows into our beingness? We reach into the ethers and easily grasp a new idea, a new endeavor, a new voice, a new support system, a new sense of personal strength – but the real source wells up from within our very selves, our souls, as a fountain of eternal creativity, renewal, and expansion.

She has laid dormant, calmly allowing and observing the evolution of humanity as it swayed with continual shifts in collective agreements and attitudes of indifference, subservience, cultural exploration/exploitation, conflict, and control. However, the time for active awareness, re-alignment, reclamation, respect, and resolution is nigh.

She has the support of her inner and outer universe now as she awakens and claims her ability to create (and co-create with fellow rising goddesses) a beautiful existence flowing with new ideals for compassion, love, joy, harmony, and acceptance perfectly balanced with power and wisdom.  She heralds in the new paradigm of personal recognition and power of intention as these set the stage for new creation.  

She joins with fellow goddesses to rise above the chaos and distraction to resolve, reclaim, and re-create the world to shine in its beautiful magnificence as it was originally intended.  Let us dance to the new voice of creation together!

My friend Kati Kelo has just launched a beautiful and empowering publication, Magical Goddess.
She has so graciously invited contributors to share articles in this beautifully co-created sharing of love, wisdom, and insight. I was honored to contribute, along with many other lovely souls, to her inaugural issue.**     

Check Out Issue #1!


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