Thursday, September 17, 2015

Visions of New Syria

A Love Letter of Peace, Hope, and Possibility 

Visions of New Syria

She awoke in the morning to a whole new world filled with a sense of peaceful stillness and restoration. The chaos was dissolved as a gentle, calm world emerged and settled into its new home.

A flowing, immense field of compassion permeated the air, the ground, the water, the animals, and the people.  It was so foreign – yet so familiar – to be surrounded by a natural state of balance, respect, love, and most importantly – possibility and potential. 

Freedom has returned and will once again gently guide and inspire the evolution of the community back to one of equal respect, compassion, and love.  It is a time of forgiveness and unconditional love as everyone reflects upon the adversity that has been overcome.

Gratitude is offered to all involved as a collective decision is reached to try a new approach – one free of judgment, control, prejudice, and chaos. Recognition is made as the natural state of mutual respect is once again guiding the hearts and decisions of a nation and all of those involved.
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Kindness is acknowledged for those who offered love, support, and refuge for the affected citizens – as well as those who continued to love all parties involved knowing in their hearts that peace would eventually prevail and that the light would shine in the hearts of every soul. They now serve as inspirational guides to show what can be possible and set forth to co-create a world free of war and conflict, imbued with the spirit of liberation, respect, and endless potential.   

Credit: Pinterest
She sings….

“I AM the New Syria.”

“I AM Here Now.”


N.B. The power of positive collective intention enables the transformation of situations, events, and reality. When gathered with others focusing on the same vision and hope, we empower possibility and create a platform for peace and resolution to be brought to fruition.
We have the collective power to shift every situation to a higher, peaceful state – just by positive focused intention. You can assist by infusing peace through meditation, prayer, and visualization into regions where it is needed and envision a perfected state of existence. Consider it done.  Thank you for your inspired assistance!     

If you like, you are welcome to actively join in the peace efforts by practicing regular prayer and meditation. Check out the Meditation on Twin Hearts, which is what we utilize in our Pranic Healing MeetUp group.  
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