Sunday, September 18, 2016

You Saved a Soul

Each Monday evening in a beautiful and little known location, a kind, compassionate, and dedicated group of people gather together.


Among a peaceful and beautiful setting, complete with the dancing and glistening of lit candles throughout the space, as well as many tributes to spiritual mentors, such as Mother Mary, the Archangels, and many other representations of Holy guidance, a deep sense of peace permeates the area.


All cares, worries, and doubts are set aside as all participants, volunteers, friends, and family members enter a deep sea of calm.


Intentions are aligned as the participants offer kindness, forgiveness, love, and compassion to every soul in the world and to Mother Earth.


An additional offering of comfort is available to those willing to receive an optimization of the energetic centers of the body. Stress, emotional hardship, injury, disease, and the trials of daily life can hinder our natural connection to the flow of Divine light.  Tailored assistance provides relief and facilitates the return to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


Many times, the participants receive such a relief that they return on a regular basis to continue to strengthen their mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  Often, life transformations happen before our very eyes. It seems that as people are ready to facilitate a major shift in their life, they seek a catalyst that can assist in that process.  Many find their way to this type of encouragement, healing, and support.  


Those of us who return each Monday in service to the community might not always be aware of the impact that we could potentially have on the lives of others. We just proceed with a kind, loving, and compassionate heart in hopes that we can assist others in some small way.


Every now and then, we receive beautiful confirmations that our volunteer work is important, appreciated, and beneficial to many. 


Such an experience came into my awareness recently as one of our frequent attendees, who had undergone a major transformation, returned to share some updates. Lots of opportunities were arriving in their life, and they were sharing the news with a whole new level of optimism and zest for life.


We giggled about my suggestion for them to make time for fun activities that bring joy, such as getting a brand new set of crayons and a flashy new coloring book to occupy the mind with creative focus. It seems to have worked!


They also shared how much they appreciated our support, encouragement, and gift of healing. We just stated that we are most grateful to be instruments for the guidance, healing, and comfort that are freely available from the Universe.  


They then stated without reservation, “You saved a soul.”


I was taken aback.  I knew that the sessions had been helpful to offer comfort.  I knew that a shift was taking place in their personal sense of worth.  I knew that they were feeling better equipped to manage their anxiety. I just had not realized the severity of their lack of enthusiasm for life.    


In moments like this, I feel a deep welling within my soul to grieve for those in such pain and sorrow. However, this emotion is quickly overcome by the feeling of excitement, possibility, and reverence for the magnificent power of love, compassion, kindness, and joy, that can still reach deep within a person’s soul, tap them on shoulder, and remind them,


“You are never alone. You are loved and cherished. Your life matters!”


I just wish to offer gratitude for all of the events that have transpired in my life to bring me to this point of being in service to those in need.  The rewards are immeasurable.  I also wish to thank each of you for being the kind, supportive, and compassionate person that you are. 


You just never know when your smile, your compliment, your assistance, or your words of encouragement might just end up saving a soul.


Take a moment to think of the ways in which you can positively impact someone’s life today. It could mean much more to them than meets the eye.


This blog post is dedicated to my beautiful family of volunteers (and ALL of those in the world who are involved in such activities) who have decided to support others as an offering of love. You are appreciated! I invite you to leave a comment, a reflection, or even a quick description of how you might uplift others ~ knowingly or unknowingly. J

The beautiful glowing guardian at the entrance of our special space.



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