Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/11/11 - Give Thanks, Dream Big, and Pamper Yourself!

Here are my suggestions on how to prepare for and celebrate the 11-11-11.  “Why?” you say.  Well, “Why not?” is what I say!  I suggest you take some time out of your day on Friday and do the following:

1.)  Be thankful for another beautiful day – you never know when it might be your last. Thank the people around you that make your life great.

2.) Take a moment to dream about what you’d like to see now and in your future – Some people have vision boards that remind them of the things they’d like to bring into their lives.  Some people just like to daydream about being in paradise.  It’s all good!

3.)  Pamper yourself - Take some time to be good to yourself.  Treat yourself to your favorite dessert.  Go get that massage.  Go take that hike and breathe in the fresh air.  Surprise a loved one with a romantic dinner. Or just relax for a bit!  Be the King or Queen that you are.

Here’s to a great 11-11-11!  After all, it only comes around, ummm, just once....

Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be. - Joy Page

As for me, I'll be off to the beach for some great relaxation!  Woohoo! Have a superb weekend.  :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reader Responses to Celestial Melodies

Happy Friday to all!  Well, after receiving such great responses from my readers regarding my previous post, Celestial Melodies, I decided I needed a follow-up post!  Many folks have had similar experiences with the hearing of these "angelic symphonies", and it's such a magical topic that I wanted to share this additional feedback with you.  Keep in mind that these excerpts below are actual experiences from my readers.  Enjoy! 

“Hi. I personally have not heard any but I do have a experience that lets me know what you are talking about. A family member of mine was dying one afternoon and called me to her side. I prayed to GOD for help and she then instantly heard the "most beautiful music" she ever heard, which HEALED HER COMPLETELY. Though I could not hear the music myself she distinctly described the music as an amazing symphony  beyond human capabilities and, as a fan of classical music herself, she said that nothing on earth will ever come even close to the beauty of the music. I had heard that everything is made of sound and soon after this event I read about guides using sound to heal and other positive uses. I even read about them influencing the great and famous composers who "heard the symphonies in their heads." 

I have heard it too! it was quite recently but when I was falling asleep, I was drowsy and staring at the ceiling and I heard violins! There was the sound of a piano also and there was even a rhythm to it and I could listen to it all night long. It was a beautiful melody almost to the point where I was infatuated with this beautiful song. It was unusually calming and hearing it seemed to make my heart beat faster with joy:)”

“I have heard this since I was little but I only hear it in the sky, it comes from the entire sky, when I was little I used to tell my mom about it, I would just smile, and say, mommy the people in the sky are singing, she never heard it though, she would just give me that worrisome node, it was like the singing or Angelic choir was coming from all directions in the sky, it really did sound like an Angelic choir, I hear it especially on days I am feeling down, it's an instant pick me up. I also hear it when watching the sun rise, lol, I know that's cliche but I really do sometimes. There is no music on this Earth that can compare to the beauty of this celestial music...I can't even put it in to words or remotely try to explain what it sounds like.”

“I have heard it as well! The last time was a few days ago, it's so beautiful! Glad to see I'm not the only one.”

“omg me to i thought i was crazy or something good to know someone finally mentioned it.”

“I use to hear high pitched sounds a lot but now over the past few days that has changed into these amazing chimes. I don't understand it that much but it sounds really great. This normally happens to me when I go to sleep, it happens all night. It must be something really good happening!!!”

“I hear it as well and the weird part, whenever I yawn when I'm particularly tired, the motion of yawning makes it go into stereo mode, lol.”

“Glimpses,yes! I heard a soft sound of music today<3 Took me a bit to figure out what it could be.”

 “Yes, I hear it most of the time actually.  It's loud at night and interspersed with a lower cosmic hummm.”

You never know what you might hear if you just listen......
I leave you with a neat video that features music that was apparently recorded at an old church back in 1973.  Be sure to read the full description below the video!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Celestial Melodies

I am going a tad bit out of order here in my posts, but I wanted to interject and share something that has really been one of my favorite experiences thus far.  It was happening to me more frequently several months ago, but last week, I was blessed with another occurrence.

I am still not sure what I should call these little celestial melodies, but I have been calling them “angelic symphonies”.  I have been hearing these amazing celestial symphonies upon waking in the morning.  It usually happens when the clocks are chiming in the morning around 6 am or so.  I slowly awake from sleep, and I hear the most amazing angelic, heavenly music which usually consists of a short little melody (no singing – just music.)  Somehow these melodies seem to originate from the existing chimes of the clock in my house and extend into their own heavenly music or song.    

Each time I hear these “songs”, they are a little bit different.  They each have their own signature or feeling, and I hear an original symphony each time.  The first one I heard was very light and flowing, maybe even like a simple harp tune or song like this but much shorter.  Later on I heard a symphony that was similar to a Renaissance tune.  I did hear a beautiful angelic symphony once when I was in deep sleep, and it was accompanied by a “divine” message (more about this one later…)

The latest symphony I heard was last week, and it felt more majestic – like the song of a king.  It was more masculine compared to the other songs.  It seemed to last a bit longer than the others, as well.  I can’t really describe it, but it was like a happy, lively pipe organ type sound.

I have to add that when I hear these songs, I turn to my husband and I say, “Wow – did you hear that?”  he always replies, “Hear what?”  I go on to describe the beauty of the songs I am hearing, but he always hears nothing.  The symphonies seem to reside in the space prior to waking (deepest states of consciousness.)

It is said that each soul possesses its own soul symphony, or soul signature.  I’ve heard the terms sound codes of light, soul signatures, and even sound healing.  Many principles of creation are based on tonal or vibrational existence and structure.  These are connected to the sacred geometries of the soul and human blueprint.  I’ve read that each soul has a personal tone that is a part of its original energy signature.  There are also sound frequencies that heal or activate certain functions or memories.

I’m not sure whose soul songs I am hearing (if that’s what they are), but they sure are beautiful!  I really feel like I am in state of bliss – just covered in unconditional love - when I hear them, and I don’t want them to end.  I can picture myself in a large majestic cathedral with the glowing sun shining through the beautiful stained glass windows surrounded with these lovely symphonies.  That’s how heartfelt, rich, and full they sound.  

Anyhow – just another day!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Skinny on the Shift (Featuring Article from Owen Waters)

This morning I came across an article from Owen Waters, a leader in spirituality and human awakening, in my email inbox.  I try to subscribe to enlightening and uplifting blogs, e-newsletters, etc. so I am fueled with positive insight each day. 

I really liked this article featured below as it does a great job of describing the current state of affairs in the world today as more and more people start realizing that there is more, and they begin to seek higher expressions of themselves so they can fully realize what “more” is - this is termed the shift.  It mentions the move from separation to integration and describes the need to attain higher levels of consciousness (what I’ve been blogging about to date.) Take a quick look!

Spiritual Growth
By Owen Waters

“Spiritual growth is the growing awareness of a higher level of consciousness.

A higher level of consciousness brings an expanded view of reality.

The more your view of reality expands, the more you are able to integrate any conflicting issues within yourself. “

I am sure many people are thinking – “Yeah, I hear this stuff all the time.  What does it mean?” Well, I am about to start getting into my own personal experiences.  For example, when you operate at a higher level of consciousness/frequency, it's like you are given a key to explore higher realms/dimensions/levels of consciousness (some people describe similar explorations in their NDEs, or near-death experiences.)  If you’re not aware, there’s a LOT going on up there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Name Your Revolution

Hmm – if you took the day off from work to protest something what would it be?  Gosh, I just want people to love one another in an environment where no one has to suffer to live life happily every day.  Is that too much to ask?

I just wanted to make a quick post to honor the spirit of the folks organizing the gatherings to voice the innate human desire for freedom.  Bless you all!

In regards to the awareness-raising pow-wows currently occurring throughout the world, an inspiring, revolutionary, organization called Avaaz (or voice) has gained over 10,000,000 members (I just joined, too!)

Here’s their simple mission:

Avaaz—meaning "voice" in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages—launched in 2007 with a simple democratic mission: organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.

Here’s to you, my fellow human who desires to seek a better life for us all!  Cheers and here’s a lovely Beatles tune to inspire:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What’s Your Frequency?

So you now have an idea of how to calm and quiet the mind and welcome miracles into your life.  As you reach new levels of concentration and mind discipline, you are increasing the overall frequency of yourself and your body.  Imagine a frequency scale of 1 to 10 (1 lowest/10 highest) in which you can exist on a daily basis. 

If you start off your day dreading it and hating what’s ahead, you’re going to exist in a lower frequency. 

If you start the day with a positive attitude with a smile on your face, you are well on your way to keeping a higher frequency.  

The frequency can change throughout the day, but a general rule is that a higher frequency is better for you health-wise and for those around you because you affect everyone you come across.  So – no frowning!

OK, so who cares?  Well, there are many benefits to maintaining a higher frequency – especially when it comes to reaching new levels of awareness and accessing higher levels of information and being healthier overall.  There’s a lot of insight, information, inspiration, and wisdom up there in the higher frequencies.  You just have to earn the right to gain access to it!

Lots of activities and thoughts can either promote or detract from the reaching of higher frequencies.  Here’s a quick glimpse into a few of them:

High Frequency

Low Frequency

Service to Others

Service to Self

The act of quieting the mind and practicing meditation is a significant contributor to the reaching of higher frequencies.  It allows your mind to play in that quiet space without distractions about dirty dishes, homework, bills to pay, errands to run, etc.  It also helps you to attract other higher frequency activities, circumstances, and people (nice people!) into your life.  

Take inventory of your day and think about your attitude, your actions, and your words and decide if they contribute to a lower frequency or a higher frequency.  The goal is a higher frequency! 

I really enjoy the work, lessons, and inspiration of Abraham-Hicks (Esther Hicks obviously has access to that higher information/source!)  I always enjoy the little tidbits of information that are shared.  I found this neat uplifting video that features several of these pieces of wisdom.  Very good for frequency-building!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Everyday Miracles

As I began to practice the quieting of my mind and I started to try meditation, I became interested in the idea that we can send out wishes to the universe and be blessed with positive returns.  I am sure many of you have seen the movie The Secret.  It’s pretty much the same idea of creating and energizing what you want and having it manifest in front of you.  Yes, it IS a lot like prayer, I suppose.  

I am sure many people are interested in the idea of making more money (why is it that we are always so focused on money?) Well, they say that you get what you give – it’s the universe’s way of maintaining balance.  If you are interested, try that out. 

Being the nature freak that I am, I started to try out the manifestation method by intentionally and emotionally asking about things relevant to nature.  I fed the request with pure fascination in the beauty of nature.  Here are just a few things I noticed:

·         I asked why I haven’t seen any woodpeckers lately.  I saw one the next day in the backyard.  About  a year later, I was asking about them again since it had been a while since I had seen them, and then 2 showed up that same day.

·         I had a conversation with someone about other birds trying to drink hummingbird food/water.  The next day, a house finch landed on my hummingbird feeder to drink the sugar water.
·         I had a conversation with my in-laws about skunks since they had some visit their place, and about a week later, we were blessed with our first skunk ever!
·         I was asking when the painted buntings would return for the spring, and the next day, there they were! (same story applies to an experience I had about questioning the return of the hummingbirds)
·         It had been many, many years since I had seen a lightning bug.  I was talking about how much I missed them, and that night one of them showed up at my house!
·         It was winter, and I was missing one of my favorite cottontail bunnies in the wild, and I was asking where she was.  She then showed up out of the blue just for a day (first time in months!)
·         It was hot and dry, and we desperately needed rain (last year - although we seem to be in drought every year now!)  There was no rain in the forecast, and I built up so much emotion and desperation in my heart and prayed/asked for rain.  I visualized it, I smelled it, and I welcomed it.  About 20 minutes later, a light, random shower came out of nowhere and blessed our house.  My husband was really freaked out!
·         I was reading about cloud-busting, and I gave it a try.  Works like a charm!

These are just a few examples of my personal experiences in “manifestation”.  I know I am silly for focusing on such trivial things, but for some reason they seem to mean the world to me.  You should give it a try for yourself and energize/visualize whatever you have interest in bringing into your life (try to keep it positive because manifestation can ALSO be driven by negative, fearful thoughts/ideas/feelings so be careful what you wish for!)  It also helps to embody the feeling of unconditional love.

Once you experiment for yourself, try to broaden your requests to include your children, your family, your community, your city, your state, your town, your country, your continent, your world, your planet, your universe – you get the idea!  Share the love!

As you calm and train your mind more and more and you begin to consciously invite into your life what you want, you begin to experience new levels of being.  I was now ready to graduate to the next level.  J

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Week's Dream/Vision - Technocracy=Bad/Nature=Good

I've just begun to read The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre, and I am currently on Book 1: Anastasia.  It’s a series of nine books that explore a range of topics relevant to us as a disconnected human society desiring to find our way back to glory, connection, and enlightenment.  It’s really a clever way to present new views on the nature of humanity along with the importance of self-realization and connection to our true purpose, as well as our connection to nature.  

I was so excited to find out about the power of the spiritual energy that is held within cedar trees as I am completely surrounded by them where I live!  How fortunate am I?  I find Anastasia to be quite an inspiration, and I see myself in her shoes (or bare feet, rather.)

Here's a painting of Anastasia (A Dance by Maria Ignatieva) featured in the book.  What a beautiful smile!  I almost cried when I saw it.  She’s here to teach us about ourselves – if we are willing to listen…..

Anyway, last week I had a vision (yep, the secret’s out – I’ve been receiving “visions” for a couple of years along with divine guidance…) that featured an image of a landscape fast-forwarding through time from a lush, beautiful, fertile garden to more and more industrialization, pollution, mechanization, etc.  In the end, it showed a solemn little girl who looked like she was lost in the forefront of an unfortunate technocracy.  It was quite sad to see the total disconnection from nature. 

Isn't this where we find ourselves today?  I'll make a point to spend some time in nature today and to appreciate what we have been offered by this lovely planet.  I will encourage others to do so.  How about you?  Why not unplug and put your bare feet in the grass for a while?
I highly recommend reading this interesting book series if you haven't read it yet.  It's quite refreshing, enlightening, encouraging, and informative!

It’s Saturday!  Have you treated yourself to something fun and enjoyable today?  Take off your shoes!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reader’s Request: Meditation 101

Thanks to those of you who are reading and enjoying my blog! I appreciate your participation, and I am excited to address some requests as they come in through the blog.  One reader was interested in learning more about meditation.  I am no expert, but I can share my personal experience as I was beginning to try it out for myself.  The best take away is that you should start out by keeping it simple, short, and sweet.  That way, you are open to allotting 5 minutes a day – that’s all it takes!   If you are short on time, just take 3 deep breaths – it can do wonders for you.

The quick and easy answer is that meditation is as easy as stopping all thought and quieting the mind. Well, I guess it's not THAT easy is it? But each person can develop his or her own technique. Some people like to visualize a quiet little sanctuary where they imagine themselves surrounded by tranquility (I like this approach and use it often – especially if I am stressed.) Other times, I just close my eyes and take several deep breaths and quiet my mind. If I am seeking answers or guidance, I'll ask. Otherwise, I am just open to whatever comes - if anything.  Some people have great visions, receive information, and many other cool things when they meditate, but not me.  I only use it as a tool to center and focus my mind.  I honestly end up falling asleep if I try to do it for too long…..zzzzzz.  I suppose that’s not a bad thing.

I would like to share a tool that I used when I started trying different methods in the beginning.  I found this CD to be quite interesting.  It leads you through various meditations and creative visualizations. I am going to talk about some of this in my next post, as well.  I found out about it because it was recommended by Oprah Winfrey:  Creative Visualization Meditations (Gawain, Shakti) [Audiobook, CD] [Audio CD]

There are also lots of great resources online that provide additional insight into the process.  Here are a few I quickly found:

Meditation 101: How to Start

Finding Clarity and Inner Stillness through Meditation

3 Tips to Calm Anxiety

I hope this helps!  I wish you the best on your quest to find that inner calm!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

From Zombified to Zenified

I called them “mild heart attacks.”  They would pay a visit on those days in which I was sitting in toxic rush-hour traffic frustrated, exhausted, stressed out, burned out, and just ready to get home after a long, grueling day in the corporate world.  These chest pains started happening too often.  I realized that my body was trying to tell me something.  Day after day, as I had the life sucked out of me more and more, I began to realize that the stress was not worth it. 

Long story short – I was ready for a well-deserved break.  I decided to be brave and let it all go……It was time for a personal hiatus from the mindless, repetitive cycle of my auto-pilot, robotic worker existence.  I was tired of just being a zombie that went to work and back and started all over again day after day after day.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity (and support) to unplug from the daily grind.  After all, what time do you have for yourself if you’re addressing the needs of the company, family, community, etc. every day?  It’s important to take time out for yourself to unplug, unwind, and breathe.

So I decided that it was time for some “me” time.  I quit my job and jumped into the great unknown for several months.  During that time, I caught up on my sleep, I made time for leisure activities, I took vacations, and I began to get my life and happiness back.  I spent time in nature and in quiet contemplation.  I started to try yoga (just a beginner!), and I was open to the idea of allotting time in which to quiet the mind.  This naturally led to an interest in learning meditation techniques, which are so popular (and even a way of life) in Eastern cultures and are commonly practiced for health and mental well-being.  At that time, I had no idea that my life was about to change forever……

As I recently told a friend of mine, “When you make space, well….that’s when the miracles happen!”

Stop for a moment.  How long has it been since you unplugged from the hectic demands of daily life to spend some quiet “me” time?  If you tried to completely silence your mind of all thoughts, could you?