Monday, October 17, 2011

The Skinny on the Shift (Featuring Article from Owen Waters)

This morning I came across an article from Owen Waters, a leader in spirituality and human awakening, in my email inbox.  I try to subscribe to enlightening and uplifting blogs, e-newsletters, etc. so I am fueled with positive insight each day. 

I really liked this article featured below as it does a great job of describing the current state of affairs in the world today as more and more people start realizing that there is more, and they begin to seek higher expressions of themselves so they can fully realize what “more” is - this is termed the shift.  It mentions the move from separation to integration and describes the need to attain higher levels of consciousness (what I’ve been blogging about to date.) Take a quick look!

Spiritual Growth
By Owen Waters

“Spiritual growth is the growing awareness of a higher level of consciousness.

A higher level of consciousness brings an expanded view of reality.

The more your view of reality expands, the more you are able to integrate any conflicting issues within yourself. “

I am sure many people are thinking – “Yeah, I hear this stuff all the time.  What does it mean?” Well, I am about to start getting into my own personal experiences.  For example, when you operate at a higher level of consciousness/frequency, it's like you are given a key to explore higher realms/dimensions/levels of consciousness (some people describe similar explorations in their NDEs, or near-death experiences.)  If you’re not aware, there’s a LOT going on up there!

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