Thursday, September 17, 2015

Visions of New Syria

A Love Letter of Peace, Hope, and Possibility 

Visions of New Syria

She awoke in the morning to a whole new world filled with a sense of peaceful stillness and restoration. The chaos was dissolved as a gentle, calm world emerged and settled into its new home.

A flowing, immense field of compassion permeated the air, the ground, the water, the animals, and the people.  It was so foreign – yet so familiar – to be surrounded by a natural state of balance, respect, love, and most importantly – possibility and potential. 

Freedom has returned and will once again gently guide and inspire the evolution of the community back to one of equal respect, compassion, and love.  It is a time of forgiveness and unconditional love as everyone reflects upon the adversity that has been overcome.

Gratitude is offered to all involved as a collective decision is reached to try a new approach – one free of judgment, control, prejudice, and chaos. Recognition is made as the natural state of mutual respect is once again guiding the hearts and decisions of a nation and all of those involved.
Credit: Pinterest

Kindness is acknowledged for those who offered love, support, and refuge for the affected citizens – as well as those who continued to love all parties involved knowing in their hearts that peace would eventually prevail and that the light would shine in the hearts of every soul. They now serve as inspirational guides to show what can be possible and set forth to co-create a world free of war and conflict, imbued with the spirit of liberation, respect, and endless potential.   

Credit: Pinterest
She sings….

“I AM the New Syria.”

“I AM Here Now.”


N.B. The power of positive collective intention enables the transformation of situations, events, and reality. When gathered with others focusing on the same vision and hope, we empower possibility and create a platform for peace and resolution to be brought to fruition.
We have the collective power to shift every situation to a higher, peaceful state – just by positive focused intention. You can assist by infusing peace through meditation, prayer, and visualization into regions where it is needed and envision a perfected state of existence. Consider it done.  Thank you for your inspired assistance!     

If you like, you are welcome to actively join in the peace efforts by practicing regular prayer and meditation. Check out the Meditation on Twin Hearts, which is what we utilize in our Pranic Healing MeetUp group.  
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Build Strength and Resilience through Stillness

You wake up in the morning and feel an invisible intensity within you.  You feel a heightened sense of emotion – whether it be love, joy, happiness, anticipation, or sadness, anxiety, worry, anger, depression, despair, and fear – as you proceed through the day.  You feel a sense of exhaustion or tiredness and feel a need for deeper rest than usual.  You are having intense headaches or migraines.  You feel unexplainable deep aches within your body or maybe you are sensing/hearing ringing in your ears.    
You see and hear people react with intensified passion.  You see chaos in your surroundings, in the lives of friends and families, and in society at large.  You see magnificent acts of kindness while you also see acts of violence around the world.  You see positive adjustments in the mindset and actions of friends and co-workers, and you sense a collective shift within humanity.   

You walk outside in the bright sunshine, and you see a vividness that is more alive than ever. {Please take the time to acknowledge the beauty around you!} The sun is emanating an invisible, quantum field of potentiality that is open to your creative interpretation.

Will you choose to flow with these miraculous energies of potential - unaffected by the chaos as you practice unconditional love and compassion while being free of judgment - or will you find yourself in the depths of anxiety, confusion, fear, and despair?  

The choice is yours from moment to moment.  You can choose to expand or diminish your awareness, consciousness, personal frequency, and attitude.  You make this choice each second of each day.  It is a beneficial practice to be very aware of your state of mind!

It is suggested that as each feeling, thought, difficulty, or environmental stimulus arises, you flow through it without attachment or judgment.  A peaceful, centered, calm, and resilient state of mind can be quite helpful in managing these intense waves of emotion and upheaval in this present (and future) time. 

Here are some suggestions on how to reach and maintain a sense of inner calmness:
Sit in Stillness

-         Set aside dedicated time EACH day to sit in silence (at least 10 minutes, but suggested to be 30 minutes if possible)
-          Detach yourself from all external stimuli (cell phone, computer, TV) for this silent period
-          Begin to relax in a comfortable position and take a few long deep breaths
   o   Enhance the experience with a candle, incense, or your favorite essential oil fragrance (for calming, or anxiety/stress relief, I absolutely LOVE the TRANQUIL mixture from Young Living or I can even make a custom spray blend for you, such as my Stream of Serenity blend)
-          Choose to listen to calm, soothing music if you find it helpful
-          Feel free to begin your stillness session with the citing of a positive statement, affirmation, or mantra

Image Credit: Pinterest (via
Image Credit: Pinterest
o   Try this one: {“Amid the stress, distraction, constant motion, and stimuli in my surroundings, I AM a peaceful island of serenity, and I resonate to the sound of silence.  I take a deep breath to release tension, chaos, and disharmony and replace it with the comfort of stillness.”}

-         Let go, release all thoughts, and quiet your mind……
-          Repeat, repeat, and repeat throughout the week so you can continually build your mental and emotional strength

Additional Suggestions

-          Take ample time to rest and rejuvenate when possible.  If you feel you need extra rest, please respect the needs of your body and treat it with kindness!
-          Mind your mental chatter – focus on positive thoughts and occupy your mind with statements of gratitude (no need for negative self-talk, anger towards others, judgment…)
-          Take regular walks in nature and walk barefoot when you can
-          Take time to engage in activities that bring you JOY
-          Try to take a regular hot bath with Epsom salt (check out my favorites from the Dead Sea) infused with your favorite essential oils
-         Eat healthy, live foods (lots of fruits and vegetables)
-          Plan time to engage in regular exercise (Don’t overdo it – your body is incorporating lots of extra energy from the sun right now!)
-          Start your day with a positive, upbeat attitude and be thankful for the gift of another day
-          Make lifestyle changes as needed to support your personal growth
-          Detach from stressful situations
-          Reward yourself with playtime J

Some days will bring about feelings of elation, and some days will about bring tears and heavy emotions.  Do not try to suppress feelings of discomfort – just experience them and let them go.     

Chaos Precedes Change
Image Credit: Pinterest
If you find difficulty in managing intense emotions or feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, or depression, and you feel that you cannot cope, feel free to reach out to me (, and I will be pleased to offer support and comfort. 

Please offer to do the same for your friends and family as there will (now and in the near future) be a need to amplify your compassion for those around you – as well as yourself!  Be prepared for the times ahead.

Remember, that you can choose to float through this shift in joy and elation knowing that you can create miracles or you can get bogged down by fear, chaos, and worry with a sense of victimization. 

What will you choose?  Whatever it is, please remember to be kind to yourself and to those around you.  We are all in this together!   

If you find it to be helpful, you are welcome to download my helpful handout,

Additional information regarding stillness practices can be found on my Eternal Stillness website.  Cheers to inner peace, and prepare yourself for momentous occurrences ahead!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Calmly Surfing the Waves of Chaos

Waikiki Beach (Photo by Shawnna Donop)
When you look around and observe your family, your friends, your co-workers, and the world at large, do you see a lack of ease – maybe a bit of an increase in chaos and struggle?  Do you see challenges arising in many forms?

This observation has prompted me to share some perspectives on the true meaning of these transformative events and situations.  If you view these chaotic occurrences from a higher perspective, it might be helpful to view them as waves of change that serve a very important role.  They serve as an impetus for growth, evolvement, and soul-enhancing change, and there is no need to judge or fear them.  It is a natural process, and we are lucky to be here to assist with this transformation that will enable us to evolve into a stronger, clearer, and more peaceful humanity.    

Imagine that the stagnant situations, energies, beliefs, and limiting perspectives that are embedded into your being (sometimes sub-consciously) are being forced to the surface.  The waves dig deep into your heart, your entire body, and your mind, and they stir up the elements that would be beneficial for you to acknowledge and release.  These can even arise as unforeseen anxiety, pressure, sadness, or some other emotion for which you cannot identify the origin.     

To release these elements, you must actually feel and experience these emotions, frustrations, challenges, conflicts, trauma, injuries, and judgments so they can finally be released.  There is no need to always know what the origin or issue actually is, but just …….take a deep breath……accept it, acknowledge it, thank it, and release it.

Unfortunately, if you do not process these remnants in this wave, you can rest assured that they will return in the next wave, and the next…..until you do face and release them.

North Shore (Photo by Shawnna Donop)
Know that you, and everyone in the world, are in the process of releasing the old to make way for the new.  See these waves as your friends that are here to help you clean house to make room for the things that will best serve you now and in the future.  

The best approach to take is that of a calm, peaceful observer.  Have patience, understanding and compassion for yourself and others and carry this awareness with you and assist others in comprehending the chaos.    

If you wish to actively engage and make positive contributions to ease the process for you and others, please take time each day to sit in quiet contemplation and stillness.  Set the intention to send peace and comfort into yourself and into the world.  

Thank you for being aware on this journey, and I know that everyone will appreciate your blessing and your commitment to be the CALM in the storm!      

I might also suggest that you re-listen to my Spring Renewal Equinox recording since it walks you through a calming breathing exercise, as well as an energetic clearing of old patterns and energy, and finally an active exercise to release and replace the old with the new.

If you enjoy the information shared here or you have questions to ask or topics which you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Please feel welcome to join my email list and stay updated on upcoming events and discussions.   

Note: These photos were taken on my first trip to Hawaii (Waikiki Beach in Honolulu on the island of Oahu and the famed North Shore!)
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

PEACE and the Real Isis on International Women’s Day

Ladies, there seems to be an empowerment surfacing, and I feel the excitement of this special day, March 8, 2015! It’s fun to see what events have unfolded as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day whose 2015 motto is Make it Happen.  If you are interested, check out participant-run events in your area!  Also, check out the neat stories featured around the world on this eventful day.  

{Join the social media conversation by using #IWD2015 or searching on Google with the #IWD2015 hashtag, as well as #MakeItHappen, #PaintItPurple, and #InternationalWomensDay.}

It appears to be an opportune time to bring about the ideals, intentions, and positive attitudes of those interested in representing peace, equality, and respect. 
In honor of International Women’s Day, I have a personal desire to raise awareness regarding PEACE over Conflict, and I’d like to take a fun, insightful moment to feature the Real Isis, rather than the current campaign promoting chaos and conflict.
{ If you are with me, feel free to promote #GoddessIsis and #IsisTheGoddess in your social media so folks can gain some awareness, and together we can re-focus her revered name on the feminine power to which she is connected! }

While we are at it, let’s take a stroll down Isis lane.  We shall begin with the historical representation of Isis as a Goddess - the strong, wise, female archetype with which I believe most of us are familiar and a model for ladies of today to aspire to in terms of determination, respect, and feminine power. 

Let’s fast forward to the 70s when a TV show, The Secrets of Isis, re-ignited a love, awareness, and respect for Isis. Her ideology is brought forth through a talented science teacher who comes into possession of a powerful artifact that connects her to the inherent powers and wisdom of the Goddess.  If you have not seen any episodes, you’ll love these!  How fun it is to reminisce…. Check out all episodes if you are feeling so inspired.
We can stroll ahead to the current time and check out the most recently launched model of the Toyota Isis.  To be honest, it is only available outside of the USA, but it’s still fun to recognize!  While you are at it, you can visit the official Toyota Japanese site to check out the newest version of this ride. 

I personally enjoy focusing on these fun versions of Isis.  

To come back full circle and wrap up my thoughts regarding the idea of peace, I wanted to make a bit of a contribution to the events slated for International Women’s Day with a focus on peace.
My dear friend, Blanca Dominguez (founder of Ecotourism for the Soul), and I are hosting a special, PEACE PRAYER FOR THE SOUL, a collaborative peace-focused reflection, prayer, and nine-day novena to co-occur in Austin, Texas, and in Colombia and Mexico.  We will feature a daily set of prayers and reflections for the next 9 days. If you want to connect with us to help set forth peaceful wishes and intentions, you are most welcome to do so!  Join us virtually (Facebook event in English or join in Espanol) and share your thoughts regarding the amplification of peace in the world.  You can even post your comments below this blog post. J   We hope to see you there!  #PeacePrayerForTheSoulIt starts today!

Even if you are unable to attend any live events, why not focus some time during the week to envision what it means to celebrate women and the important role they play in today’s society? Spark your creativity and let your ideas flow forth in a poem, draw or sketch a picture that depicts the beauty of the feminine, write a blog post to inspire a fellow lady, or share a cute photo on Instagram about all of us ‘sisters’ who are all in this together.  Ladies, like the motto says, Make it Happen!

You might be excited to see what is to occur……

Please check out the International Women’s Day site to see the amazing events that women have coordinated and become inspired by some recent news stories and image compilations featuring the subject. 

For more insight, feel free to visit my website,  Let me know if you have an interest in a particular topic, and I am pleased to offer information, opinion, guidance, or assistance. I welcome all ideas and feedback. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Explorations into New Lenterritory

Yeah, I think I made up a word! Reading up on the practices, beliefs, and traditions associated with Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent has been an interesting practice for me since I have no real prior practice or learning regarding the subject.  I was actually prompted to do so after I picked up a really cool booklet on Sunday after the Unity church service (I found it in a free download!: Learning to Let Go – LENT 2015,  
I love to learn new things, and I think it’s interesting to see how people celebrate and honor traditions and how they might have changed or evolved throughout the years.  I enjoyed reading this quick summary which combined some historical perspectives with some modern twists.

For starters, I like to see how folks approach traditions like these with new, creative ideas.  Have you seen the convenient service of Ashes to Go or have you been through an Ash Drive-Thru?

Have you seen an #Ashtag selfie?  Check out the really cool snapshots from around the world, including hip priests 

It’s fun to see how these traditions evolve to enable more folks to relate and to participate in fresh, exciting, convenient ways!  However it is practiced, it is nice to honor the history, reverence, and commitment in whatever way is appropriate for you.  

Here’s a beautiful compilation of photos from around the world showing the beauty of the celebration. 

It did come to mind that it is somewhat similar to the inherent practice I try to adopt as often as I am able (sometimes things get in the way like social events, hunger J, etc.), which is my Monday fasting ritual. I try to just drink liquids, maybe eat a grapefruit if I get really hungry, and I eat a handful of almonds.  It gives my body a bit of a rest and flush and keeps me light for the Monday evening volunteering I do at our meditation/clinic.  It was so difficult to do this in the beginning (to be honest, I have fallen a bit short even since the holidays!), but it’s a nice practice that enables me to say that I am in control of my habits and practices, and I honor my body and soul.  It feels like it is somewhat similar to the awareness that Lent provides.  Neato!     

In closing, I love using daily affirmations to infuse each day with a sense of focus, clarity, intention, optimism, and happiness.  I figured I’d share this neat daily meditation series attributed to Lent 2015.  

Also, in the booklet I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you will find a lovely prayer, story, or meditation each day of Lent.
Hope you enjoyed this Ashday! :)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Resolve with Gentleness, Allowance, and Light-Heartedness

If you’re like almost everyone I know, you have your resolutions set for this new year.  You contemplate the tangible things you wish to increase, decrease, introduce, or release within yourself.  It might be a bit boring and clichéd for me to list the regulars that show up for a majority of folks each year. 

I want, instead, to offer a couple of points for consideration this year. 
For some reason, I keep sensing the need to remind folks that they are human, imperfect, and beautiful just the way they are.  For many, once this is acknowledged, much pressure can be released.  

I believe that resolutions encourage us to actively engage in making improvements that make us even healthier, happier, stronger, more confident, and even more creative than we already are. It is the perfect time to assess the things you like about yourself and your life, while bringing to mind the things you wish to change.

I believe it is important not to judge or criticize yourself for what you consider to be a shortcoming or an area that you see needing improvement.  The important point is that you are striving to make positive changes to these areas of yourself and your life.   

While assessing the effectiveness of your ability to honor your resolution, please be gentle with yourself and the process……because if it truly is worth adjusting, it will become more of a way of life for you - rather than a crash course in dictated, uncomfortable, forced change. There is no need for scolding, judgment, or self-criticizing if you see yourself being lax on your stated changes. Try adopting a kind and light-hearted approach where you forgive, allow, and reward yourself for the intentions you are setting and the actions you are taking. If the process is no fun and labeled as “self-torture”, then you won’t stick to it!

Take each day for the opportunity it brings, and contemplate how you can gently make the changes you envision. Maybe it takes years or decades, but if it’s going to make a lasting impact in your life, it needs to be joyous, flexible, and supportive! For me, I am pretty sure I will never give up chocolate chip cookies even though processed sugars aren’t particularly healthy. Sorry, but I must be allowed to keep some guilty pleasures, and these delicious cookies aren’t going anywhere (but into my mouth…) :)

For next year, maybe you can even consider what positive changes you will make in the world, not just in yourself……

[PS, not to tempt you with cookies, but I found the above photo on Pinterest, and it happened to be connected to a lovely chewy, chocolate chip cookie recipe, The Best Chewy Café-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies from Host the Toast. Enjoy!]
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