Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Explorations into New Lenterritory

Yeah, I think I made up a word! Reading up on the practices, beliefs, and traditions associated with Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent has been an interesting practice for me since I have no real prior practice or learning regarding the subject.  I was actually prompted to do so after I picked up a really cool booklet on Sunday after the Unity church service (I found it in a free download!: Learning to Let Go – LENT 2015,  
I love to learn new things, and I think it’s interesting to see how people celebrate and honor traditions and how they might have changed or evolved throughout the years.  I enjoyed reading this quick summary which combined some historical perspectives with some modern twists.

For starters, I like to see how folks approach traditions like these with new, creative ideas.  Have you seen the convenient service of Ashes to Go or have you been through an Ash Drive-Thru?

Have you seen an #Ashtag selfie?  Check out the really cool snapshots from around the world, including hip priests 

It’s fun to see how these traditions evolve to enable more folks to relate and to participate in fresh, exciting, convenient ways!  However it is practiced, it is nice to honor the history, reverence, and commitment in whatever way is appropriate for you.  

Here’s a beautiful compilation of photos from around the world showing the beauty of the celebration. 

It did come to mind that it is somewhat similar to the inherent practice I try to adopt as often as I am able (sometimes things get in the way like social events, hunger J, etc.), which is my Monday fasting ritual. I try to just drink liquids, maybe eat a grapefruit if I get really hungry, and I eat a handful of almonds.  It gives my body a bit of a rest and flush and keeps me light for the Monday evening volunteering I do at our meditation/clinic.  It was so difficult to do this in the beginning (to be honest, I have fallen a bit short even since the holidays!), but it’s a nice practice that enables me to say that I am in control of my habits and practices, and I honor my body and soul.  It feels like it is somewhat similar to the awareness that Lent provides.  Neato!     

In closing, I love using daily affirmations to infuse each day with a sense of focus, clarity, intention, optimism, and happiness.  I figured I’d share this neat daily meditation series attributed to Lent 2015.  

Also, in the booklet I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you will find a lovely prayer, story, or meditation each day of Lent.
Hope you enjoyed this Ashday! :)

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