Sunday, March 4, 2018

Value and Respect for All

As we were beginning to explore our contributions to International Women’s Day, it took only a moment to tune into the topic that was calling to our hearts, and it is relevant to everyone – not just women.  


Have you sensed a general call for help, upliftment, and support, and a desire to be heard?  We are recognizing an uprising and awakening of our inner power and self-value and an inner calling to bring about right action, equality, and respect for every living thing. 


The ways in which we express ourselves vary from individual to individual, and as humans, our emotions give rise to actions that match our current state of mind, our attitude, and our intentions.  It is of vital importance to flow through every challenge and hardship with gentleness and compassion for ourselves ~ and others ~ as we seek to resolve conflict and release uneasiness around us or within us. 


Life in the world today can be especially difficult for those who are without the support of a calm, nourishing, safe, and supportive environment.  In those situations, it is an added responsibility of resilient ones to be aware and offer assistance to those who feel hopeless or are in despair.


We can recognize opportunities to lend a hand, offer encouragement, share inspiration, and empower others to see the true beauty that life offers.  In this way, we embody the virtues we wish to see displayed in the world around us. 


As we become aware of suffering or see opportunities for growth, we are empowered to recognize our inherent value within and our right to live in a state of grace and ongoing expansion of mind, body, and soul.


We can remind those in states of hopelessness that life is a gift, and there is always an opportunity to access that endless hope and guidance within, which enables us to courageously persevere through any challenge.     


We can also take this opportunity to look within ourselves and assess what desired outcomes drive our actions and motivations. Do we have a potential to take a more expanded approach to our thinking and decision-making process? What drives you?


Is it a desire to be heard and valued for your input and contributions?

Is it a desire to contribute effectively to a cooperative team as part of a project that benefits humanity?

Is it a desire to be the best person you can be in each moment?

Is it a desire to make the best decisions you can based on all of the information you have, which enables you to bring about the highest good for all?


Be aware of what enters your mind each moment as you make multitudes of decisions each day. Pause for a moment and contemplate the following:  


“Is this the thought, action, or decision I can think, make, or take right now to help me grow as a person, to benefit and honor others, and to recognize the value I hold within myself, as well as honor the value that others hold within themselves?"


"Am I setting a proper example of kind and compassionate action?"


"Am I ready to be held accountable for my actions?”  

As more and more of us attune to this model of refined, responsible thinking and we begin to take more actions driven by love, respect, and compassion, we realize that we are all here to responsibly learn together. We can recognize our inner power, and we can call upon this source to help us (and others) make decisions aligned to the greater good to be guided by our moral compass. 


Difficulties arise to challenge us and enable us to grow, mature, and enhance our resilience. As we learn what assists us to maintain a focus on positivity and hope, we can share that wisdom with others.  


When we love, honor, and respect ourselves, we are then better able to love, honor, and respect those around us – no matter the situation.


There’s no better time to claim and embody your inner power, compassion, uniqueness, and wisdom. As you do so, you will automatically impact others in a positive way, and they will, in turn, model your behavior.


Are you ready to be a role model? 


Our civilization has taught us to assess ourselves and others based upon pre-determined norms. As we shift from competition to collaboration, we celebrate the gifts we are all here to share, and we honor the uniqueness of each person. 


Let’s gather together and set new standards for self-value, excellence, citizenship, empowerment, self-love, joy, honor, forgiveness, reverence, happiness, vitality, compassion, and zeal!

Want to explore this topic further?  We invite you to join us for our Values in Bloom event in honor of International Women's Day where we will explore self-value in depth.  We are accepting submissions for essays, videos, audio recordings, etc. as you share what self-value means to you. See you there!  

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