Monday, August 12, 2013

Want to Win? Deem it So!

I keep hearing more and more about the speed at which your dreams, thoughts, and desires will be manifesting in your life.  You can interpret this to be good, and you can interpret this to be bad.  If you are an optimist, this is the best news you could ever hear!  If you are a pessimist, well, get ready for some tough lessons. 
Optimistic thoughts = positive, happy, loving, uplifting

Pessimistic thoughts = negative, worry, grief, anger, hurt

So, I am seeing more and more examples of this each day.  For starters, let’s see what happens when fear and worry enter into your thought stream.  

I was listening to a BlogTalk radio show the other day, and the host was discussing a situation in which she was visiting with her neighbor as she and her dog floated in a canoe.  She was headed to the shore, and worrisome thoughts of danger and unsafe conditions entered into her mind. She played out the scenario in her head of her dog falling into the water needing to be saved.  Seconds later, that became her reality.  She was able to save the dog and all was fine, but she was shown the importance of managing her thought patterns.    

On the flip side, two awesome situations arose last week in which the power of intention, hope, and knowing brought forth some great examples of the power of positive thought.  At the cake walk, right before the walk ended, one of my colleagues boldly stated that he was going to win the cake, and he did.

Later that week, I attended a get-together in which free event admission was being given away.  Right before the name of the winner was drawn, one of the attendees stated that his name would be drawn, and he added the statement that it would go to whoever needed it most.  It was apparently him!

These are a just a few examples of how your thoughts and intentions can affect second by second outcomes.  Can you imagine the power of your intentions when considering the outcome of a lottery or the fate of a plane ride?

~ Journey into instant manifestation.  It’s created second by second and is influenced completely by your thoughts!  Be mindful of what you consider in your thoughts because it might very well become your reality.