Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exhuming the World with Love

Amazed at the parallels of the movie I recently watched, Warm Bodies, and the wondrous shift occurring in the world right now, I felt compelled to share this perspective.  What an exciting story to tell!  How beautiful it is to be brought back to life after falling into the zombified drudgery of day to day life that confines us to such a limited experience. 

In the movie, our hero “R” was describing the state of life in which his people were existing, and it was completely void of emotion, creativity, hope, and love.  He was among the walking dead who felt no passion or purpose for life.  He could not remember his name, what he did for a living, or how old he was.  This seems to be pretty relevant in the lives of many today as they struggle day to day just to get by, and they have a lack of vibrance in their lives. 

It took a type of paradigm shift to shake them out of the long-endured fog.  The introduction of hope, companionship, compassion, and friendship (and ultimately, LOVE) began a bit of a chain reaction within the zombie population.  It took an open heart and the willingness to overcome preconceived notions – both on the part of humanity and the zombies – in order to induce this world healing. 

Life had begun to take on a new meaning for both parties, and the zombies were gratefully brought back into the wonderment of life.  Amazed at the transformation catalyzed by the first human/zombie bonding in friendship and love, they were able to witness the beginning of a new, collaborative world previously divided by discrimination and separation.                            

I also see it happening today.  Isn’t it wonderful to be living in an environment conducive to new levels of possibility and miracles?  So many beautiful, unprecedented, amazing, and indescribable occurrences have been gifted to us.  If you don’t know what I am speaking of, it’s time to change the channel from black and white to uber-technicolor.  In reference to what the heroine says in the movie, together we can start “exhuming”!

Here’s a glimpse of the full story if you are interested: