Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring into New Intentions

It’s that magical time of the year when you are invited to renew your vows of personal empowerment and amplify your intentions to create the beautiful and perfect life you want and deserve.  Why not take a few moments to assess your life as it stands and set intentions for bringing forth the dreams and miracles you wish to come forth in your future? 
If you are interested in empowering your dreams, you are welcome to take the following steps that will assist you in setting new goals and intentions.  Just decide the limits and barriers you wish to remove and actively replace them with positive aspects that replace them.

Step 1: State the limiting aspect/s that serve as roadblocks to the attainment of your dreams  

Step 2: State the positive aspect of those roadbloacks and challenges and replace them with empowerment and action

Step 3: Set your intentions which empower your dreams, such as “I wish to bring _______ into my life by ________.   So be it.”

Done!  It’s not a bad idea to write this out on a handy piece of paper or note which you can revisit each day.  Add it as a daily reminder that pops up in your cell phone calendar.  Keep it at the front of your mind, and empower it daily.

For additional effectiveness, why not suggest that a friend do the same?  As more and more people take the effort to empower their dreams, there’s a collective force that begins to develop, which ultimately supports all of us in bringing these dreams into reality.  So, feel free to share this practice with others.

Happy Dreaming!