Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dreams (and *Miracles and Magic*) Wanted

Assignment: If there were no rules, no limitations, no boundaries, no hesitations, no restrictions, no lack, no hesitation, no resistance, no opposition, etc. what would we create?  What would you create?  What would you change in the world? Where would you place your efforts?  What kind of impact would you have?  Yes, you have endless financial support, so do with it what you will. 

Don’t bore me and don’t bore yourself with the traditional wishes of a million dollars.  Dream bigger than that!  Some say that anything is possible.  Well, what is anything?  What does anything look like?  Can you imagine creating something that you’ve never known or seen?  Can you make something so magnificent that words cannot describe it?

Take some time in the next few days to….















It’s time to unleash that creative genius, that dreaming mischievous child, that renegade who won’t see limitation of what is, but imagines the possibilities of what could be!

Take some special time in the next few days – especially on Thursday/Friday, October 23/24th, 2014, when the universe is sprinkling a hell of a lot of **fairy dust** on your dreams.  Get your ideas together and envision them coming to light at the perfect time. Take advantage of these powerful energies of possibility, expansion, creativity, magnificence, magic, and MIRACLES!

Create whatever you want. Imagine it’s yours because it’s on the way…….


PS - I'd ask you to share your ideas, dreams, magic, and miracles, but I know that words could never do them justice, and they just cannot be contained or verbalized.  I get it....

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