Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/11/11 - Give Thanks, Dream Big, and Pamper Yourself!

Here are my suggestions on how to prepare for and celebrate the 11-11-11.  “Why?” you say.  Well, “Why not?” is what I say!  I suggest you take some time out of your day on Friday and do the following:

1.)  Be thankful for another beautiful day – you never know when it might be your last. Thank the people around you that make your life great.

2.) Take a moment to dream about what you’d like to see now and in your future – Some people have vision boards that remind them of the things they’d like to bring into their lives.  Some people just like to daydream about being in paradise.  It’s all good!

3.)  Pamper yourself - Take some time to be good to yourself.  Treat yourself to your favorite dessert.  Go get that massage.  Go take that hike and breathe in the fresh air.  Surprise a loved one with a romantic dinner. Or just relax for a bit!  Be the King or Queen that you are.

Here’s to a great 11-11-11!  After all, it only comes around, ummm, just once....

Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be. - Joy Page

As for me, I'll be off to the beach for some great relaxation!  Woohoo! Have a superb weekend.  :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reader Responses to Celestial Melodies

Happy Friday to all!  Well, after receiving such great responses from my readers regarding my previous post, Celestial Melodies, I decided I needed a follow-up post!  Many folks have had similar experiences with the hearing of these "angelic symphonies", and it's such a magical topic that I wanted to share this additional feedback with you.  Keep in mind that these excerpts below are actual experiences from my readers.  Enjoy! 

“Hi. I personally have not heard any but I do have a experience that lets me know what you are talking about. A family member of mine was dying one afternoon and called me to her side. I prayed to GOD for help and she then instantly heard the "most beautiful music" she ever heard, which HEALED HER COMPLETELY. Though I could not hear the music myself she distinctly described the music as an amazing symphony  beyond human capabilities and, as a fan of classical music herself, she said that nothing on earth will ever come even close to the beauty of the music. I had heard that everything is made of sound and soon after this event I read about guides using sound to heal and other positive uses. I even read about them influencing the great and famous composers who "heard the symphonies in their heads." 

I have heard it too! it was quite recently but when I was falling asleep, I was drowsy and staring at the ceiling and I heard violins! There was the sound of a piano also and there was even a rhythm to it and I could listen to it all night long. It was a beautiful melody almost to the point where I was infatuated with this beautiful song. It was unusually calming and hearing it seemed to make my heart beat faster with joy:)”

“I have heard this since I was little but I only hear it in the sky, it comes from the entire sky, when I was little I used to tell my mom about it, I would just smile, and say, mommy the people in the sky are singing, she never heard it though, she would just give me that worrisome node, it was like the singing or Angelic choir was coming from all directions in the sky, it really did sound like an Angelic choir, I hear it especially on days I am feeling down, it's an instant pick me up. I also hear it when watching the sun rise, lol, I know that's cliche but I really do sometimes. There is no music on this Earth that can compare to the beauty of this celestial music...I can't even put it in to words or remotely try to explain what it sounds like.”

“I have heard it as well! The last time was a few days ago, it's so beautiful! Glad to see I'm not the only one.”

“omg me to i thought i was crazy or something good to know someone finally mentioned it.”

“I use to hear high pitched sounds a lot but now over the past few days that has changed into these amazing chimes. I don't understand it that much but it sounds really great. This normally happens to me when I go to sleep, it happens all night. It must be something really good happening!!!”

“I hear it as well and the weird part, whenever I yawn when I'm particularly tired, the motion of yawning makes it go into stereo mode, lol.”

“Glimpses,yes! I heard a soft sound of music today<3 Took me a bit to figure out what it could be.”

 “Yes, I hear it most of the time actually.  It's loud at night and interspersed with a lower cosmic hummm.”

You never know what you might hear if you just listen......
I leave you with a neat video that features music that was apparently recorded at an old church back in 1973.  Be sure to read the full description below the video!