Thursday, July 7, 2016

Feeling Frazzled? Be the Tree

Have you been feeling a bit out of balance?

Do you feel anxious or uneasy for no reason (or maybe you can pinpoint the reason to a situation and can use some assistance.) 

Do you become agitated or feel a little down from time to time?

Are you feeling exhausted and depleted?


Intensified feelings and physical discomfort are commonplace as we are showered in intense cosmic energy. This amplified light penetrates our very being and effectively displaces and dislodges remnants that remain within our physical and emotional bodies that are ready to be released. This can consist of disharmonious emotions, old traumas, and deep wounds.  


There are practices that can assist you in effectively coping and managing these intense emotions and physical symptoms so you can maintain your harmonious balance and centered state of mind.


When you feel the chaotic emotions or exhaustion building, the simplest advice is to Be the Tree.

  • You can sway in the breeze and remain flexible as the winds of change flow within and around you
  • Your presence is firmly rooted into the depths of the planet
  • Your sense of well-being, vitality, and nourishment flow up from the core of the planet and into your physical and emotional body
  • A sense of calmness, centeredness, well-being, and security arise within you
  • You become a source of comfort and strength
  • Your emotions are soothed, your physical body is recharged, you are balanced, and your spiritual connection is aligned
You can visualize yourself as a tree that reaches its roots deep into the soil and becomes firmly rooted in the safety of the planet. You release anxiety as you feel the connection to life, itself.  Your breathing slows and becomes more relaxed as your rhythm matches the heartbeat of the planet.
You can now effectively sway through the day with detached awareness, presence, flexibility, and calm connection.

Practice this exercise anytime the need arises.

Pause, breathe, and be present in every moment.
Go Now and Be the Tree!
If you could use a little extra support, you are welcome to try this simple breathing exercise. I have also crafted some quick mantras to help you align your mind to a calm and peaceful state.
Feel free to share any of your stress-relieving and calming practices below!

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