Monday, January 7, 2013

Perspectives in ONENESS

We are all ONE.  We hear this often, and we trust that it is so.  At first, the concept feels a bit like the Golden Rule.  You abide by it, and you know that you are expected to treat others as you would treat yourself – since we are all one big happy family.  We are part of each other as we humans live our lives on a daily basis to the best of our ability.  We cope, we strive, and we face challenges and victories, and we do all of this together. 

Further along in the process, you begin to realize that others act as mirrors or reflections of yourself and your actions.  You perform a good deed, and you are rewarded.  You hurt the feelings of another, and you can expect to face the same hurt one day.  Things are accelerating these days, so I urge you to take this to heart! 

Along the path, you start to see yourself in others, and you begin to realize that we are all the same – but in a deeper, grander way.  No matter if we are brought up in different environments - some wealthy, some poor, some safe, some faced with constant danger.  We are all blessed with the opportunity to be the best example of a divine human that we can be.  We all come from the same loving source, and we are all individual expressions choosing to share ourselves in our own unique way. 

My favorite part is the fact that when we heal ourselves we also heal others.  This is so apparent in the practice and art of Ho’oponopono.  Since we are all connected, we can help others when we help ourselves.  Solve your inner problems, and you will see it reflected in the world.    
A recent dream of mine really brought this concept of ONENESS to life.  I found myself riding in the front seat of a car, and I was chatting with a few people who were sitting in the back seat.  I knew they were one and the same, and I basically said, “Come on – I know you are all the same person!”  At that point, they all merged into one person and acknowledged that I reached that realization.  I proceeded to have the feeling and thought that they were now asking and expecting me to share this epiphany with others, and they asked me what my first task would be.  So there you go – I am sharing this with you!        

I want to thank you for being ONE with me.  I am grateful to be learning and growing with you.  I hope this provided a little insight into the magic of Oneness.