Tuesday, March 22, 2016

20,000 Gallons of Life

Life requires water.

Image by Shawnna Donop: Texas Rainwater Tank Holds 10,000 Gallons
With an increased awareness of the power, importance, and impact that water can and does have on society, I thought it might be interesting to delve into the subject a bit more. Oh, it’s also World Water Day in case you were not aware. Recent bouts of flooding around the world and the seeming adoption of the Yucatan climate in Texas this past season have brought to light the blessing, as well as hardship that water can bring. 

As I compare the abundance and overflow of water recently in the southwest US with the stark and dire drought situations abroad, as well as areas that have no available clean water unless a 4-hour trek is undertaken just to capture a daily source of sustenance for an entire family. It also comes to mind how water has become such a treasured element.

Has it become a matter of simple distribution or redistribution of the sources of water? Has it become scarce because of the exponential population growth in need of this precious resource? Have we become so complacent with its presence that we do not have the foresight to proactively plan conservatory efforts?  Do we honor the vast amounts of water held in the expansive oceans around the world (not to mention the life it all supports)?  How much do we pay attention to the protection of the purity and cleanliness of these bodies of water?    

I was amazed at a video I viewed recently which showed the severity of water pollution along the Ganges River (I was going to share a photo, but figured I’d better just leave it out.)  I could not fathom how the conditions became so severe, and I wondered what it would take to reach such a polluted level if an accompanying reverence was held for this source of life.  The video also showed the daily water supply trucks that arrive with drinking water for residents in India, and chaos ensues as folks try to capture enough of this limited fresh water to take home to their families.

Since the human body (oh, and the planet!) is comprised of over 80% water, its inherent importance requires no additional explanation.

Image Credit: Pinterest (Water, words, and consciousness)
It is also interesting to acknowledge the ability of water to emanate a type of conscious awareness of its surroundings. Have you seen the research showing its reflection of consciousness and ability to reflect patterns of thought and emotion? If you are interested, I invite you learn more about the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Words, thoughts, and music actually affect, impact, and influence the molecular structure of water. It makes you think twice about what music you choose to have playing on your radio since these patterns can form in your own body!

As far as conservation of water goes, I suppose I try to make conscious decisions in the way I use it.  Fortunate enough to have the ability to partake in rainwater collection (as a sole source of water to the home in which I live) which amounts to 20,000 gallons of fresh water, I have developed a newfound appreciation for the capture and storing of fresh, untreated water.  I still have not reached a point where I felt a rain dance was warranted!  I suppose Mother Nature has been very generous and supportive of this initiative. 

I do appreciate it when I see drought-prone areas relieving stress on water supplies by utilizing xeriscaping and synthetic lawn landscaping, such as in desert areas.  I enjoy seeing others, especially communities, who are making conscious decisions to use water wisely, and I see more new homes which are being offered rainwater collection in their neighborhoods. Interesting how some areas (Asia, Egypt, and now recently Australia) have heavily invested in and recently considered the use of desalination plants to utilize the water of the abundant ocean.     

Image Credit: Shawnna Donop
{Write or add stickers with the words
"LOVE" and "GRATITUDE" to encourage
harmonious molecules of water.}
After all of this I have shared, I wish to leave you with a simple question – have you honored, appreciated, and loved your water today? 
{A simple way to send a message of appreciation and harmony to the water you consume is to add a sticker or note to your water bottles and pitchers with positive, empowering, and uplifting words.}
Apparently, there’s power in the use of the words “Love” and “Gratitude” (Recipe = 1 part LOVE/ 2 parts GRATITUDE as in H20.)

If you wish to honor the spirit of water and celebrate World Water Day, here’s a great article that will remind us of how lucky we are to have clean, fresh water at our fingertips:

On World Water Day, a Story to Make You Feel Good About the World
(Article featured in Huffington Post, Written by Ryan Scott.)
….”Park’s novel combines the true story of Salva Dut with the fictional story of Nya, a Sudanese girl who must walk eight hours a day to retrieve water from a distant well for her family.”
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