Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Calmly Surfing the Waves of Chaos

Waikiki Beach (Photo by Shawnna Donop)
When you look around and observe your family, your friends, your co-workers, and the world at large, do you see a lack of ease – maybe a bit of an increase in chaos and struggle?  Do you see challenges arising in many forms?

This observation has prompted me to share some perspectives on the true meaning of these transformative events and situations.  If you view these chaotic occurrences from a higher perspective, it might be helpful to view them as waves of change that serve a very important role.  They serve as an impetus for growth, evolvement, and soul-enhancing change, and there is no need to judge or fear them.  It is a natural process, and we are lucky to be here to assist with this transformation that will enable us to evolve into a stronger, clearer, and more peaceful humanity.    

Imagine that the stagnant situations, energies, beliefs, and limiting perspectives that are embedded into your being (sometimes sub-consciously) are being forced to the surface.  The waves dig deep into your heart, your entire body, and your mind, and they stir up the elements that would be beneficial for you to acknowledge and release.  These can even arise as unforeseen anxiety, pressure, sadness, or some other emotion for which you cannot identify the origin.     

To release these elements, you must actually feel and experience these emotions, frustrations, challenges, conflicts, trauma, injuries, and judgments so they can finally be released.  There is no need to always know what the origin or issue actually is, but just …….take a deep breath……accept it, acknowledge it, thank it, and release it.

Unfortunately, if you do not process these remnants in this wave, you can rest assured that they will return in the next wave, and the next…..until you do face and release them.

North Shore (Photo by Shawnna Donop)
Know that you, and everyone in the world, are in the process of releasing the old to make way for the new.  See these waves as your friends that are here to help you clean house to make room for the things that will best serve you now and in the future.  

The best approach to take is that of a calm, peaceful observer.  Have patience, understanding and compassion for yourself and others and carry this awareness with you and assist others in comprehending the chaos.    

If you wish to actively engage and make positive contributions to ease the process for you and others, please take time each day to sit in quiet contemplation and stillness.  Set the intention to send peace and comfort into yourself and into the world.  

Thank you for being aware on this journey, and I know that everyone will appreciate your blessing and your commitment to be the CALM in the storm!      

I might also suggest that you re-listen to my Spring Renewal Equinox recording since it walks you through a calming breathing exercise, as well as an energetic clearing of old patterns and energy, and finally an active exercise to release and replace the old with the new.

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Note: These photos were taken on my first trip to Hawaii (Waikiki Beach in Honolulu on the island of Oahu and the famed North Shore!)
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