Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Resolve with Gentleness, Allowance, and Light-Heartedness

If you’re like almost everyone I know, you have your resolutions set for this new year.  You contemplate the tangible things you wish to increase, decrease, introduce, or release within yourself.  It might be a bit boring and clichéd for me to list the regulars that show up for a majority of folks each year. 

I want, instead, to offer a couple of points for consideration this year. 
For some reason, I keep sensing the need to remind folks that they are human, imperfect, and beautiful just the way they are.  For many, once this is acknowledged, much pressure can be released.  

I believe that resolutions encourage us to actively engage in making improvements that make us even healthier, happier, stronger, more confident, and even more creative than we already are. It is the perfect time to assess the things you like about yourself and your life, while bringing to mind the things you wish to change.

I believe it is important not to judge or criticize yourself for what you consider to be a shortcoming or an area that you see needing improvement.  The important point is that you are striving to make positive changes to these areas of yourself and your life.   

While assessing the effectiveness of your ability to honor your resolution, please be gentle with yourself and the process……because if it truly is worth adjusting, it will become more of a way of life for you - rather than a crash course in dictated, uncomfortable, forced change. There is no need for scolding, judgment, or self-criticizing if you see yourself being lax on your stated changes. Try adopting a kind and light-hearted approach where you forgive, allow, and reward yourself for the intentions you are setting and the actions you are taking. If the process is no fun and labeled as “self-torture”, then you won’t stick to it!

Take each day for the opportunity it brings, and contemplate how you can gently make the changes you envision. Maybe it takes years or decades, but if it’s going to make a lasting impact in your life, it needs to be joyous, flexible, and supportive! For me, I am pretty sure I will never give up chocolate chip cookies even though processed sugars aren’t particularly healthy. Sorry, but I must be allowed to keep some guilty pleasures, and these delicious cookies aren’t going anywhere (but into my mouth…) :)

For next year, maybe you can even consider what positive changes you will make in the world, not just in yourself……

[PS, not to tempt you with cookies, but I found the above photo on Pinterest, and it happened to be connected to a lovely chewy, chocolate chip cookie recipe, The Best Chewy Café-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies from Host the Toast. Enjoy!]
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