Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Planetary Pause

As we relax into the gentle and nurturing arms of Virgo and sway into the bountiful harvest of autumn, we again breathe the fresh outdoor air as the seasons shift. The cool morning breeze dances through the trees and rustles the leaves.  The voice of the wind sings harmoniously through the wind chimes.

The oak trees share an abundance of acorns to provide seedlings for the ages to come, and cedar trees are all abloom with multitudes of juniper berries.  The animals are in preparatory mode as they sense the need to gather, and the leaves are preparing to don the bright and beautiful colors of fall.

The natural world tunes into its inner wisdom and aligns with the internal navigation signaled by the planetary rotation and angle to the sun. 

This beautifully orchestrated seasonal dance of the natural kingdom is a recurring symbol of its alignment to the natural rhythm of life.

Do we, as humans, also maintain an alignment to this beautiful intermingling of the natural world, or have we drifted into an aimless repetition of days with a withdrawal from our connection to inner rhythms and to the planet on which we live? 

Do we aimlessly wander through each day attached to the endless cycle of consumption, technology, and survival?   

If we take a moment to pause……… take a deep breath and silently observe, what shall we gather from the current state of the world around us? 

I ask you to do that now.  Just stop.  Close your eyes.  And breathe.

Pause and reflect upon life today.  In fact, picture the whole world pausing.  Step back and observe the city, the state, the country, the continent, the hemisphere, and the planet on which you reside.    

What do you observe?

Do you see a humanity that possesses reverence and respect for one another and for the natural world?

Do you see a humanity that honors the sovereign right for every person to lead a safe, comfortable, and dignified life?

Do you see a humanity that encourages deep connection to one another as we share a genuine interest in the lives and well-being of others?

Do you see a humanity that wakes up every morning grateful to be alive? Are we each ready to embark upon another day with the opportunity to embody happiness, compassion, and resilience as we take advantage of opportunities to uplift others who we find in our presence?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then I encourage you to explore what you, as an individual person, might be able to shift within yourself so you can radiate that which you desire to see represented in the world around you. 


A stream of continual stimuli from endless sources bombards us each day.  We can choose to be vigilant to minimize external influences that distract, discourage, and disconnect and - instead - focus on those that foster camaraderie, calm, strength, and joy.


Our personal sense of well-being and comfort can be fostered and strengthened by taking time to disconnect each day from the external world. We can shift our focus to our inner world that enables our mind and emotions to take a well-deserved rest. In this way, we can stay aligned to a state of natural well-being.         


As we take regular mental retreats, we can begin to condition our minds and bodies to align to a higher state of consciousness that we begin to radiate into the collective consciousness of the planet.  Together, we can make small shifts within ourselves, which will then gather momentum and impact the world around us in a positive and uplifting way.


If your answer to the above questions is yes, then share your zest for life with those around you and let them know what has enabled you to see with the eyes of an empowered, wise, joyful, and grateful human.  


Yes, there will always be trials in life, but our perceptions and attitudes frame our personal reality and influence the way in which we impact those around us.   


Well-being is only a state of mind away.  It is our natural state of being, and we each deserve to be happy, healthy, and attuned to the rejuvenating life force that flows within our being.


Interested in strengthening your sense of well-being?  I invite you to try this simple method. 


If you enjoyed the quick reprieve as we paused to stop, breathe, and just be – you can do that at any time!  


While you are at it, go for a walk outdoors in the fresh air. Let your bare feet feel the caress of grass or soil beneath you as autumn says hello.

The nature photos I shared in this article were taken in the wilderness around my home as I enjoyed the sunshine on one of my nature walks.
Take a stroll and see what you can capture! 

PS, I have a quick update to share.  As I was immersed in my afternoon quiet time today (in stillness/contemplation/meditation) a couple of hours after I wrote this, a song arrived in my awareness very clearly. Interestingly enough, it was a Christmas hymn.  It is one that I learned to play on the piano/organ many years back. Check it out (especially the original lyrics from 1739). I encourage you to share what arrives in your quiet mind in moments of deep relaxation and contemplation.  

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