Sunday, March 8, 2015

PEACE and the Real Isis on International Women’s Day

Ladies, there seems to be an empowerment surfacing, and I feel the excitement of this special day, March 8, 2015! It’s fun to see what events have unfolded as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day whose 2015 motto is Make it Happen.  If you are interested, check out participant-run events in your area!  Also, check out the neat stories featured around the world on this eventful day.  

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It appears to be an opportune time to bring about the ideals, intentions, and positive attitudes of those interested in representing peace, equality, and respect. 
In honor of International Women’s Day, I have a personal desire to raise awareness regarding PEACE over Conflict, and I’d like to take a fun, insightful moment to feature the Real Isis, rather than the current campaign promoting chaos and conflict.
{ If you are with me, feel free to promote #GoddessIsis and #IsisTheGoddess in your social media so folks can gain some awareness, and together we can re-focus her revered name on the feminine power to which she is connected! }

While we are at it, let’s take a stroll down Isis lane.  We shall begin with the historical representation of Isis as a Goddess - the strong, wise, female archetype with which I believe most of us are familiar and a model for ladies of today to aspire to in terms of determination, respect, and feminine power. 

Let’s fast forward to the 70s when a TV show, The Secrets of Isis, re-ignited a love, awareness, and respect for Isis. Her ideology is brought forth through a talented science teacher who comes into possession of a powerful artifact that connects her to the inherent powers and wisdom of the Goddess.  If you have not seen any episodes, you’ll love these!  How fun it is to reminisce…. Check out all episodes if you are feeling so inspired.
We can stroll ahead to the current time and check out the most recently launched model of the Toyota Isis.  To be honest, it is only available outside of the USA, but it’s still fun to recognize!  While you are at it, you can visit the official Toyota Japanese site to check out the newest version of this ride. 

I personally enjoy focusing on these fun versions of Isis.  

To come back full circle and wrap up my thoughts regarding the idea of peace, I wanted to make a bit of a contribution to the events slated for International Women’s Day with a focus on peace.
My dear friend, Blanca Dominguez (founder of Ecotourism for the Soul), and I are hosting a special, PEACE PRAYER FOR THE SOUL, a collaborative peace-focused reflection, prayer, and nine-day novena to co-occur in Austin, Texas, and in Colombia and Mexico.  We will feature a daily set of prayers and reflections for the next 9 days. If you want to connect with us to help set forth peaceful wishes and intentions, you are most welcome to do so!  Join us virtually (Facebook event in English or join in Espanol) and share your thoughts regarding the amplification of peace in the world.  You can even post your comments below this blog post. J   We hope to see you there!  #PeacePrayerForTheSoulIt starts today!

Even if you are unable to attend any live events, why not focus some time during the week to envision what it means to celebrate women and the important role they play in today’s society? Spark your creativity and let your ideas flow forth in a poem, draw or sketch a picture that depicts the beauty of the feminine, write a blog post to inspire a fellow lady, or share a cute photo on Instagram about all of us ‘sisters’ who are all in this together.  Ladies, like the motto says, Make it Happen!

You might be excited to see what is to occur……

Please check out the International Women’s Day site to see the amazing events that women have coordinated and become inspired by some recent news stories and image compilations featuring the subject. 

For more insight, feel free to visit my website,  Let me know if you have an interest in a particular topic, and I am pleased to offer information, opinion, guidance, or assistance. I welcome all ideas and feedback. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with me!