Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Celestial Melodies

I am going a tad bit out of order here in my posts, but I wanted to interject and share something that has really been one of my favorite experiences thus far.  It was happening to me more frequently several months ago, but last week, I was blessed with another occurrence.

I am still not sure what I should call these little celestial melodies, but I have been calling them “angelic symphonies”.  I have been hearing these amazing celestial symphonies upon waking in the morning.  It usually happens when the clocks are chiming in the morning around 6 am or so.  I slowly awake from sleep, and I hear the most amazing angelic, heavenly music which usually consists of a short little melody (no singing – just music.)  Somehow these melodies seem to originate from the existing chimes of the clock in my house and extend into their own heavenly music or song.    

Each time I hear these “songs”, they are a little bit different.  They each have their own signature or feeling, and I hear an original symphony each time.  The first one I heard was very light and flowing, maybe even like a simple harp tune or song like this but much shorter.  Later on I heard a symphony that was similar to a Renaissance tune.  I did hear a beautiful angelic symphony once when I was in deep sleep, and it was accompanied by a “divine” message (more about this one later…)

The latest symphony I heard was last week, and it felt more majestic – like the song of a king.  It was more masculine compared to the other songs.  It seemed to last a bit longer than the others, as well.  I can’t really describe it, but it was like a happy, lively pipe organ type sound.

I have to add that when I hear these songs, I turn to my husband and I say, “Wow – did you hear that?”  he always replies, “Hear what?”  I go on to describe the beauty of the songs I am hearing, but he always hears nothing.  The symphonies seem to reside in the space prior to waking (deepest states of consciousness.)

It is said that each soul possesses its own soul symphony, or soul signature.  I’ve heard the terms sound codes of light, soul signatures, and even sound healing.  Many principles of creation are based on tonal or vibrational existence and structure.  These are connected to the sacred geometries of the soul and human blueprint.  I’ve read that each soul has a personal tone that is a part of its original energy signature.  There are also sound frequencies that heal or activate certain functions or memories.

I’m not sure whose soul songs I am hearing (if that’s what they are), but they sure are beautiful!  I really feel like I am in state of bliss – just covered in unconditional love - when I hear them, and I don’t want them to end.  I can picture myself in a large majestic cathedral with the glowing sun shining through the beautiful stained glass windows surrounded with these lovely symphonies.  That’s how heartfelt, rich, and full they sound.  

Anyhow – just another day!

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