Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Week's Dream/Vision - Technocracy=Bad/Nature=Good

I've just begun to read The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre, and I am currently on Book 1: Anastasia.  It’s a series of nine books that explore a range of topics relevant to us as a disconnected human society desiring to find our way back to glory, connection, and enlightenment.  It’s really a clever way to present new views on the nature of humanity along with the importance of self-realization and connection to our true purpose, as well as our connection to nature.  

I was so excited to find out about the power of the spiritual energy that is held within cedar trees as I am completely surrounded by them where I live!  How fortunate am I?  I find Anastasia to be quite an inspiration, and I see myself in her shoes (or bare feet, rather.)

Here's a painting of Anastasia (A Dance by Maria Ignatieva) featured in the book.  What a beautiful smile!  I almost cried when I saw it.  She’s here to teach us about ourselves – if we are willing to listen…..

Anyway, last week I had a vision (yep, the secret’s out – I’ve been receiving “visions” for a couple of years along with divine guidance…) that featured an image of a landscape fast-forwarding through time from a lush, beautiful, fertile garden to more and more industrialization, pollution, mechanization, etc.  In the end, it showed a solemn little girl who looked like she was lost in the forefront of an unfortunate technocracy.  It was quite sad to see the total disconnection from nature. 

Isn't this where we find ourselves today?  I'll make a point to spend some time in nature today and to appreciate what we have been offered by this lovely planet.  I will encourage others to do so.  How about you?  Why not unplug and put your bare feet in the grass for a while?
I highly recommend reading this interesting book series if you haven't read it yet.  It's quite refreshing, enlightening, encouraging, and informative!

It’s Saturday!  Have you treated yourself to something fun and enjoyable today?  Take off your shoes!

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