Sunday, May 4, 2014

Are you Creating Chaos or Masterpieces?

It has been said that our thoughts are comprised of energy.  Thoughts become formulated in our minds in response to our environment and all of the stimuli that exist in our everyday lives.  If we understand the importance and implication of this fact, we might do very well to be more mindful of what we allow to cross our minds!  

Imagine that moment by moment, every thought that enters your mind is instantly manifested in front of you.  What if your thoughts were automatically formulated into clay models?  What would you be molding and carrying around with you?

Here’s a simple comparison of daily outcomes driven by thoughts:

Scenario 1
·        You begin your morning by dreading another long day at work
·        You preemptively state how bad traffic will be, and there’s probably an accident or construction or another delay ahead
·        You gripe internally about how long the line will be to wait to get coffee
·        You just know that your annoying co-worker is going to ‘throw you under the bus’ today

Outcome:  Exactly what you said would happen - did.  See the irritated green monsters above. J

Scenario 2
·        You look forward to another day of life – no matter if it’s a full day of work, a vacation, day, or a weekend day
·        You just know that there will be no traffic to hold you back either heading to work or somewhere else
·        You look forward to seeing who is in the coffee shop to start their day and, out of curiosity, you wonder what is going on in their lives
·        You welcome any interaction with any co-worker because nothing can get you down!  Who knows what they are dealing with – it might be much more than what you have on your shoulders.

Outcome: Optimism and positive thoughts gather together to bring delight into your day.  See that happy butterfly with free-flowing energy and beauty?

Another simple way to remember this advice is shared quite well in the fortune cookie I ate earlier today, “Emotion is energy in motion.”

Become a master of your thoughts!