Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dr. Mary, EMT Michael, and Nurse Netty

Elated to grab one of the last window seats on a recent Southwest flight from California back to Texas, I had no idea what was about to transpire on that 4-hour flight.  It was the very back seat in the far corner of the plane on a completely full flight.  Have you ever been on a flight and you hear the flight attendant request the assistance of a physician?  Yeah, it was my neighbor who would need it this time.  

Right after we received our snacks and refreshments, she started to feel dizzy, and she became startled and lost her sense of hearing.  She spilled the water and coffee on herself, along with me and another passenger.  She began to lose consciousness and looked completely zoned out with no response to any stimuli.  One of the flight attendants was trying to get her to regain consciousness, slapping her face, shaking her mildly, and taking her pulse. 

For a while, I was stunned at what was happening right next to me.  I felt completely powerless as I see this lifeless form sitting next to me.  The attendant was a bit startled when he was unable to find a pulse.  I was thinking to myself – “what just happened?”  Before long, there were a few volunteers to join in the life-saving mission.  Interesting how they were all in the seats and rows right next to us – I mean they were right there…..
Dr. Mary proceeded to converse with my neighbor who somehow eventually regains consciousness.  She collects information about her medical history and any related activities.  EMT Mike was helping with the oxygen supply, and Nurse Netty stepped in to be the reinforcement for Dr. Mary. 

So, after all of this excitement was over, and the paramedics came to escort her off the plane, I was thinking that no matter what happens to us, we are all surrounded by helpers, protectors, and guardians.  It really made me feel comforted knowing that a fully capable team will always be there and will be ready to help with whatever occurs.  I guess I see this happen over and over, but I sometimes forget to acknowledge that we really are never alone.    

I am just glad I did not upchuck in response to her continual bouts of vomiting!  It took a lot of personal focus, but I was able to avoid it somehow.  Whew!  At the end of the incident, she stated how thankful she was for all of the assistance, and the flight crew was also very friendly and helpful, so kudos to them, as well.  Thank you to all of the helpers who just happened to be part of the experience.  I am not still certain what my role, was, but it made for an exciting flight!