Sunday, July 26, 2015

Build Strength and Resilience through Stillness

You wake up in the morning and feel an invisible intensity within you.  You feel a heightened sense of emotion – whether it be love, joy, happiness, anticipation, or sadness, anxiety, worry, anger, depression, despair, and fear – as you proceed through the day.  You feel a sense of exhaustion or tiredness and feel a need for deeper rest than usual.  You are having intense headaches or migraines.  You feel unexplainable deep aches within your body or maybe you are sensing/hearing ringing in your ears.    
You see and hear people react with intensified passion.  You see chaos in your surroundings, in the lives of friends and families, and in society at large.  You see magnificent acts of kindness while you also see acts of violence around the world.  You see positive adjustments in the mindset and actions of friends and co-workers, and you sense a collective shift within humanity.   

You walk outside in the bright sunshine, and you see a vividness that is more alive than ever. {Please take the time to acknowledge the beauty around you!} The sun is emanating an invisible, quantum field of potentiality that is open to your creative interpretation.

Will you choose to flow with these miraculous energies of potential - unaffected by the chaos as you practice unconditional love and compassion while being free of judgment - or will you find yourself in the depths of anxiety, confusion, fear, and despair?  

The choice is yours from moment to moment.  You can choose to expand or diminish your awareness, consciousness, personal frequency, and attitude.  You make this choice each second of each day.  It is a beneficial practice to be very aware of your state of mind!

It is suggested that as each feeling, thought, difficulty, or environmental stimulus arises, you flow through it without attachment or judgment.  A peaceful, centered, calm, and resilient state of mind can be quite helpful in managing these intense waves of emotion and upheaval in this present (and future) time. 

Here are some suggestions on how to reach and maintain a sense of inner calmness:
Sit in Stillness

-         Set aside dedicated time EACH day to sit in silence (at least 10 minutes, but suggested to be 30 minutes if possible)
-          Detach yourself from all external stimuli (cell phone, computer, TV) for this silent period
-          Begin to relax in a comfortable position and take a few long deep breaths
   o   Enhance the experience with a candle, incense, or your favorite essential oil fragrance (for calming, or anxiety/stress relief, I absolutely LOVE the TRANQUIL mixture from Young Living or I can even make a custom spray blend for you, such as my Stream of Serenity blend)
-          Choose to listen to calm, soothing music if you find it helpful
-          Feel free to begin your stillness session with the citing of a positive statement, affirmation, or mantra

Image Credit: Pinterest (via
Image Credit: Pinterest
o   Try this one: {“Amid the stress, distraction, constant motion, and stimuli in my surroundings, I AM a peaceful island of serenity, and I resonate to the sound of silence.  I take a deep breath to release tension, chaos, and disharmony and replace it with the comfort of stillness.”}

-         Let go, release all thoughts, and quiet your mind……
-          Repeat, repeat, and repeat throughout the week so you can continually build your mental and emotional strength

Additional Suggestions

-          Take ample time to rest and rejuvenate when possible.  If you feel you need extra rest, please respect the needs of your body and treat it with kindness!
-          Mind your mental chatter – focus on positive thoughts and occupy your mind with statements of gratitude (no need for negative self-talk, anger towards others, judgment…)
-          Take regular walks in nature and walk barefoot when you can
-          Take time to engage in activities that bring you JOY
-          Try to take a regular hot bath with Epsom salt (check out my favorites from the Dead Sea) infused with your favorite essential oils
-         Eat healthy, live foods (lots of fruits and vegetables)
-          Plan time to engage in regular exercise (Don’t overdo it – your body is incorporating lots of extra energy from the sun right now!)
-          Start your day with a positive, upbeat attitude and be thankful for the gift of another day
-          Make lifestyle changes as needed to support your personal growth
-          Detach from stressful situations
-          Reward yourself with playtime J

Some days will bring about feelings of elation, and some days will about bring tears and heavy emotions.  Do not try to suppress feelings of discomfort – just experience them and let them go.     

Chaos Precedes Change
Image Credit: Pinterest
If you find difficulty in managing intense emotions or feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, or depression, and you feel that you cannot cope, feel free to reach out to me (, and I will be pleased to offer support and comfort. 

Please offer to do the same for your friends and family as there will (now and in the near future) be a need to amplify your compassion for those around you – as well as yourself!  Be prepared for the times ahead.

Remember, that you can choose to float through this shift in joy and elation knowing that you can create miracles or you can get bogged down by fear, chaos, and worry with a sense of victimization. 

What will you choose?  Whatever it is, please remember to be kind to yourself and to those around you.  We are all in this together!   

If you find it to be helpful, you are welcome to download my helpful handout,

Additional information regarding stillness practices can be found on my Eternal Stillness website.  Cheers to inner peace, and prepare yourself for momentous occurrences ahead!

If you enjoy the information shared here or you have questions to ask or topics which you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Please feel welcome to join my email list and stay updated on upcoming events and discussions. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with me! :) If you appreciate the information and support, donations are always welcome!


  1. Lovely advice, thank you.
    I already meditate twice a day 20-30 minutes at a time, and I don't know what would be of me if I didn't. It still is difficult sometimes. I also take weekly salt baths or swim in the ocean, and walk out-of-doors daily. I also sleep well.
    So, you ask, what is the problem?
    The problem is I awaken with negative feelings (anger, frustration, anxiety). The feelings subside throughout the day and with my naturally good-natured optimism. Some days are better than others and they seem to come and go in periods. I have been working on clearing/releasing/healing myself for two almost two decades already, so I am baffled.
    Any suggestions/ideas?
    Lots of Love and Light your way,

    1. Thank you, dear Ruthann, for your responsible habits and balanced approach to your well-being and health. Your efforts are effective not only for yourself, but also for the planet. My first response to your question is, well, congratulations! I suppose this could mean that you are so effective at managing and transmuting these lower frequency emotions that you are being handed some "additional allocations" to process for the collective. You are volunteering to continue to incorporate these feelings into "your" reality for release.

      Remember, also, that you could still possibly be releasing layer after layer of your own accumulations from way back when and not only from this lifetime. The GOOD news is that you have the tools, strength, and willingness to continue to ride out these waves as they continue to flow to and through you. As you connect more and more with the planetary consciousness, you feel closer to the energy waves and thought forms carried in the collective field. If you feel it becoming intense, you can also perform the violet flame transmutation. I also feel the collective intensity at times, and when I do, I go into a state of meditation to expand my mind and rise above the lower frequency emotions.

      You can also try to start the day with positive affirmations, maybe something like, "Thank you for another beautiful, wondrous day, and I am thrilled to create the highest possible reality today and every day blessed with feelings of compassion and unconditional love!"

      I hope this helps, Ruthann. Keep up your effective practices and stay strong, resilient, and in that higher state of mind and consciousness!

      ~ Shawnna