Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reviving Divine Virtues

As the early springtime approaches, it signifies a time of renewal, replenishment, and revival. I enjoy watching the fresh new growth on the trees and plants that laid dormant throughout the winter season. It brightens my mood as I welcome in the fresh new energy of the spring season.
An annual event that I always intend to participate in as often as I am able is International Women’s Day in early March. This year, I was contemplating what my focus might be as I decide how to participate and contribute.

As I pondered the ways in which we can all celebrate the women in our lives, I realized that several themes have been naturally formulating. They follow: 

  1.  The flow of creativity has placed an emphasis on the renewal of traditional and ceremonial gatherings of like-minded and inspired women in collaborative circles.
  2.  I feel a deep inspiration within my soul to assist in the revival of the feminine spirit by embodying Divine Virtues. It is in this way that we develop the strength, love, and power within to build a patient, confident, compassionate, and empowered self.   
  3.  By allowing our inner inspirations to be actively expressed through outlets, such as art, beauty, and song, we effectively harness, utilize, and gracefully direct the boundless creative energy and inspiration within us.

Intention plays an important role in the process as we each decide within ourselves how we wish to contribute to the celebration of what it means to be a woman.

The combination of the three factors above naturally arose and formulated into a celebration of women gathered together to create and celebrate the Divine Virtues we embody within.  

Rather than focusing on differences, we shall celebrate the qualities that we embody that bring us all together in recognition of the original beauty, grace, compassion, power, and wisdom that women have represented from the beginning.  

The inspiration for this year’s International Women’s Day (#IWD) event arises from the desire to create empowering, inspiring, and enlightening works of creativity and art that embody and exemplify the virtues of the Divine Feminine.

As more women cultivate and embrace this creative force within, their self-confidence and self-worth naturally expand and bloom to exude qualities of true empowerment. These creative expressions serve as an inspired voice for women across the planet who are ready to #BeBoldForChange and express themselves, their truths, and their virtues to build a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, collaboration, and abundance. 

A truly empowered, creative, compassionate, and courageous woman embodies the qualities of the Divine Feminine, including confidence, grace, strength, endless potential, gratitude, and abundance. Together, we can develop positive momentum aimed at recognizing the innate power within which is gracefully reflected into the world around us.

Ladies, you are welcome to join us! Learn more.

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