Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bubbles of Potential

With the recent intensity in the geomagnetic activity arriving on the planet from the direction of the sun, I felt it might be helpful to share a recent experience I had.


If you are somewhat sensitive to the energies that arrive, you might feel an intensity on the inside, an anxiety, an invisible pressure that weighs on you and makes you feel “amplified” as these geomagnetic storms and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) occur.


Some people can even sense the heightened stream of cosmic energy before the alerts of an incoming storm are issued. Many of you probably do, as well, but you are uncertain of the origin of these heightened emotions or uneasiness within you.


I was feeling the need to find a creative way to receive, incorporate, absorb, integrate, and be playful with these energies. Experts use the term “grounding” to describe the process of assimilating this energy within your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. If you image that you are a conductor of electricity, it is advisable to have a grounding source to keep you from short-circuiting.  


{My recent “Feeling Frazzled? Be the Tree” blog post offers some simple and helpful tips for doing exactly this ~ as the trees do. Also, a side effect of the energies is that they can uproot remnant emotions and experiences that are ready to be healed and released. Read my blog post, “Build Strength and Resilience through Stillness” for assistance in this area.}  


At the beginning of this week, I decided to get creative since these blasts of energy carry possibility and potential with them, and I can create anything my imagination will allow. I first entered into a calm state of awareness, and I set the intention to utilize these creation energies in a positive way.  I was envisioning the cosmic light flowing into me, and I was absorbing the energy and creating bubbles of potential for me and the entire planet.


I eased the intensity and allowed myself to be a channel for the energy of potential that carries your bubble of possibility. I felt the energy lighten, and in my imagination, I saw bubbles floating all around me – just waiting to be informed, inspired, gathered, intended, molded, created, directed, and utilized by you.


The bubbles were infinite. They consciously and positively reacted to my intent to assist others in a creative way, and they flowed even more readily….like a bubble fountain! 


The previous feelings of excited awareness transformed into a light, cheerful flow of creativity, like a child’s playtime. I began seeing flowers popping up from the ground. It was like a celebration of life was occurring.  

If I hand you a bubble of potential, what shall you do with it?


Remember, it represents unlimited potential, therefore, it has no limits, bounds, or constraints.


Your imagination can provide the endless creativity that will allow you to make your own magic and miracles.


Are you ready to begin?


The incoming cosmic energies are here for you to integrate and actively use in a creative, optimistic, and fulfilling way.  Release all constraint and limiting beliefs and create some of your own magic today!


Bubbles of potential

Floating in and around your awareness

To create magic and mold miracles as you wish


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I’d like to thank Kati Kelo (Magical Goddess) for her inspiration to actually write a quick blog post about this. I was just going to share a quick summary, but somehow it blossomed into this creative expression as a result of her encouragement! She posed the question, “What actions can I take today to bring about the most fulfilling reality for me and for all the good that I AM?”

Give it a shot and see what you create. J

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  1. So many people seem to be riding the wave of possibility! The momentum is at an all-time high, and it's an awesome time to get creative and motivated. Thank you!

    1. Yes, many are feeling the drive to start something new and embark on a dream they've held in their hearts. Anything is possible - so it's wonderful to see so many people taking advantage of this creative energy!

  2. I was wondering why I was feeling so edgy. Thank you for the insight! It is very helpful.

    1. It's interesting to see the numerous and varied "symptoms" that people experience as they are flooded with the intense cosmic energy. It is very important to be grounded so we can easily and effortlessly assimilate the energy. Otherwise, we feel agitated, irritated, stressed, angry, afraid, anxious, disconnected, etc. Be sure to spend time in nature, and if you feel the anxiety building, take slow deep breaths to reach a calm state.

  3. When these things happen, I can't seem to get any sleep. Now I know why. I appreciate the help and will keep an eye out for these things in the future.

    1. I can't tell you how many people said this same thing! It seems to keep many people up and alert during sleep time. You are super-charged, and the electricity running through your body is amped up. Try to take Epsom salt soaking baths, do exercises/stretches, and spend time in the outdoors to help your body be an effective conductor. If you're up - go do some star-gazing!

  4. Thank you for writting & sharing. Sometimes the potential creativity feels a bit overwhelming so the thoughts of playing, grounding & flowing are inspiring :) Sometimes journal with my inner child doing the writting of ideas- she has much wisdom, as do the trees & earth. Much love !

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the article! I agree that there is so much creativity that it is sometimes difficult to manage, ground, organize, and assimilate it. Whew! Talk about overload...and what a great problem to have. :) Oh, yes, please be playful and entertain the desires and creativity of the inner child. What a great source of inspiration and love. You also cannot go wrong in partnering with the trees and the Earth! Best of luck and keep the creativity free-flowing. It will all fall gently into the right place at the right time in the right form(formless?)

      **Now, go play with those butterflies! **