Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reviving Divine Virtues

As the early springtime approaches, it signifies a time of renewal, replenishment, and revival. I enjoy watching the fresh new growth on the trees and plants that laid dormant throughout the winter season. It brightens my mood as I welcome in the fresh new energy of the spring season.
An annual event that I always intend to participate in as often as I am able is International Women’s Day in early March. This year, I was contemplating what my focus might be as I decide how to participate and contribute.

As I pondered the ways in which we can all celebrate the women in our lives, I realized that several themes have been naturally formulating. They follow: 

  1.  The flow of creativity has placed an emphasis on the renewal of traditional and ceremonial gatherings of like-minded and inspired women in collaborative circles.
  2.  I feel a deep inspiration within my soul to assist in the revival of the feminine spirit by embodying Divine Virtues. It is in this way that we develop the strength, love, and power within to build a patient, confident, compassionate, and empowered self.   
  3.  By allowing our inner inspirations to be actively expressed through outlets, such as art, beauty, and song, we effectively harness, utilize, and gracefully direct the boundless creative energy and inspiration within us.

Intention plays an important role in the process as we each decide within ourselves how we wish to contribute to the celebration of what it means to be a woman.

The combination of the three factors above naturally arose and formulated into a celebration of women gathered together to create and celebrate the Divine Virtues we embody within.  

Rather than focusing on differences, we shall celebrate the qualities that we embody that bring us all together in recognition of the original beauty, grace, compassion, power, and wisdom that women have represented from the beginning.  

The inspiration for this year’s International Women’s Day (#IWD) event arises from the desire to create empowering, inspiring, and enlightening works of creativity and art that embody and exemplify the virtues of the Divine Feminine.

As more women cultivate and embrace this creative force within, their self-confidence and self-worth naturally expand and bloom to exude qualities of true empowerment. These creative expressions serve as an inspired voice for women across the planet who are ready to #BeBoldForChange and express themselves, their truths, and their virtues to build a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, collaboration, and abundance. 

A truly empowered, creative, compassionate, and courageous woman embodies the qualities of the Divine Feminine, including confidence, grace, strength, endless potential, gratitude, and abundance. Together, we can develop positive momentum aimed at recognizing the innate power within which is gracefully reflected into the world around us.

Ladies, you are welcome to join us! Learn more.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Count Your Blessings ~ Name Them One By One

{When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.}
~ Count Your Blessings Hymn


The “count your blessings” topic recently came up in a conversation I was having with my mom.  She was reminiscing about how she and her mom would sing this lovely and inspiring song in church when she was a young girl.  They would get dressed up each Sunday, and she would wear her nice dress and white gloves.  It was a song she would always remember and call upon in times of need.  I was not aware of it, so I wanted to learn more about it. I quickly found various versions of the song, and now it frequently holds a comforting space in my heart and mind on a daily basis.   


It provides a healthy reminder of the power of gratitude and its ability to transform every thought, feeling, and situation into one filled with positive potential and thankfulness.    


This was just the beginning of the synchronicities.


A couple of years ago, I found myself at a local symphony and choir performance of Handel’s Messiah at a local church.  I enjoyed it so much that I intended to visit future performances and did so again this year. Fortunately, this time, my mom was able to accompany us.  

Interestingly enough, I discovered that the venue (same location this year and in years past) just happened to be where she attended church as a young girl.  I just knew she had to join me this time.     

As we arrived and took our seats in the beautiful glowing space inside the church decorated with festive lights, Christmas trees, and holiday d├ęcor, the stained glass just glistened as we sat in our pew near the front row.  I saw the church hymnal in front of us and quickly located the song of interest.  It was in this very church that my mom would sing the “Count Your Blessings” hymn with her mom and family over 50 years ago. 


I took a snapshot of the song in the hymnal – which you can see here – and handed the book to my mom so she could recall all of the verses.  She was really touched, and a tear glistened in her eye as she acknowledged the recollection of the story she shared with me about the hymn.


I am pleased to share the song with you in hopes that it might bring inspiration to you and help nourish you with never-ending gratitude as you flow through another beautiful year full of little miracles like these. 


Happy synchronicities! I encourage you to begin the new year by focusing on all of the things in your life for which you are grateful. 

Enjoy the “Count Your blessings” verses below.

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.


Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God has done!
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
*Count your many blessings, see what God has done.
[*And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.]


Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,
And you will keep singing as the days go by.


When you look at others with their lands and gold,
Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;
Count your many blessings—*money cannot buy [*wealth can never buy]
Your reward in heaven, nor your home on high.


So, amid the conflict whether great or small,
Do not be discouraged, God is over all;
Count your many blessings, angels will attend,
Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.


I also invite you to sing along with these video versions.


Count Your Blessings



Blessings to you and your family in this coming year that will be filled with many miracles!

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The World Merges into ONE

We align our intentions and focus upon that which is important to each of us as individuals. For me, it is one thing. For you, it is another.

We each share a piece of our personal puzzle and consciously (or subconsciously) contribute to the overall mindset, attitude, and behavior of humanity.  We choose what to share with others, and we choose what to energize and attract to ourselves.


When faced with a choice to support this way or that way, we align to the ideals that we perceive as being in accordance with what we deem to be our priorities.


What if ~ underneath it all ~ they really are the same visions, hopes, and dreams?


Does the future hold separation and division, or does it pave the way for greater opportunities to practice unconditional peace and compassion for every situation, place, and soul?

Are there greater possibilities that exist in the landscape of collaboration? Shall a new respectful environment be seamlessly created by our loving intentions to lift up one another and recognize the beauty within every soul? Will we support that which brings forth the reverence, respect, and Divine right for every living being to be comforted by feelings of safety, support, prosperity, and well-being?


If you had a blank slate, what would you choose to place upon it?

We are all collective stewards of the human race, and we have the ability to empower and facilitate the return to a harmonious and peaceful society.    


Since we are all reflections of each other, there is not a possibility to be ostracized for being human. This beautiful planet provides a home for each of us and unites us all in life regardless of our perception of externality.


We are all brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, children, and grandparents, and we can all recognize the desire within each of us to bring out the best in ourselves and others to ensure a bright future for all upon the planet.   


We move forward with the ability to envision that which we see to be of the highest good.  For when we align to the immense collective energy of positive potential and possibility….well, how can it be otherwise?

~ I invite you to share YOUR vision in the comments below!


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Sunday, September 18, 2016

You Saved a Soul

Each Monday evening in a beautiful and little known location, a kind, compassionate, and dedicated group of people gather together.


Among a peaceful and beautiful setting, complete with the dancing and glistening of lit candles throughout the space, as well as many tributes to spiritual mentors, such as Mother Mary, the Archangels, and many other representations of Holy guidance, a deep sense of peace permeates the area.


All cares, worries, and doubts are set aside as all participants, volunteers, friends, and family members enter a deep sea of calm.


Intentions are aligned as the participants offer kindness, forgiveness, love, and compassion to every soul in the world and to Mother Earth.


An additional offering of comfort is available to those willing to receive an optimization of the energetic centers of the body. Stress, emotional hardship, injury, disease, and the trials of daily life can hinder our natural connection to the flow of Divine light.  Tailored assistance provides relief and facilitates the return to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


Many times, the participants receive such a relief that they return on a regular basis to continue to strengthen their mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  Often, life transformations happen before our very eyes. It seems that as people are ready to facilitate a major shift in their life, they seek a catalyst that can assist in that process.  Many find their way to this type of encouragement, healing, and support.  


Those of us who return each Monday in service to the community might not always be aware of the impact that we could potentially have on the lives of others. We just proceed with a kind, loving, and compassionate heart in hopes that we can assist others in some small way.


Every now and then, we receive beautiful confirmations that our volunteer work is important, appreciated, and beneficial to many. 


Such an experience came into my awareness recently as one of our frequent attendees, who had undergone a major transformation, returned to share some updates. Lots of opportunities were arriving in their life, and they were sharing the news with a whole new level of optimism and zest for life.


We giggled about my suggestion for them to make time for fun activities that bring joy, such as getting a brand new set of crayons and a flashy new coloring book to occupy the mind with creative focus. It seems to have worked!


They also shared how much they appreciated our support, encouragement, and gift of healing. We just stated that we are most grateful to be instruments for the guidance, healing, and comfort that are freely available from the Universe.  


They then stated without reservation, “You saved a soul.”


I was taken aback.  I knew that the sessions had been helpful to offer comfort.  I knew that a shift was taking place in their personal sense of worth.  I knew that they were feeling better equipped to manage their anxiety. I just had not realized the severity of their lack of enthusiasm for life.    


In moments like this, I feel a deep welling within my soul to grieve for those in such pain and sorrow. However, this emotion is quickly overcome by the feeling of excitement, possibility, and reverence for the magnificent power of love, compassion, kindness, and joy, that can still reach deep within a person’s soul, tap them on shoulder, and remind them,


“You are never alone. You are loved and cherished. Your life matters!”


I just wish to offer gratitude for all of the events that have transpired in my life to bring me to this point of being in service to those in need.  The rewards are immeasurable.  I also wish to thank each of you for being the kind, supportive, and compassionate person that you are. 


You just never know when your smile, your compliment, your assistance, or your words of encouragement might just end up saving a soul.


Take a moment to think of the ways in which you can positively impact someone’s life today. It could mean much more to them than meets the eye.


This blog post is dedicated to my beautiful family of volunteers (and ALL of those in the world who are involved in such activities) who have decided to support others as an offering of love. You are appreciated! I invite you to leave a comment, a reflection, or even a quick description of how you might uplift others ~ knowingly or unknowingly. J

The beautiful glowing guardian at the entrance.



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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bubbles of Potential

With the recent intensity in the geomagnetic activity arriving on the planet from the direction of the sun, I felt it might be helpful to share a recent experience I had.


If you are somewhat sensitive to the energies that arrive, you might feel an intensity on the inside, an anxiety, an invisible pressure that weighs on you and makes you feel “amplified” as these geomagnetic storms and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) occur.


Some people can even sense the heightened stream of cosmic energy before the alerts of an incoming storm are issued. Many of you probably do, as well, but you are uncertain of the origin of these heightened emotions or uneasiness within you.


I was feeling the need to find a creative way to receive, incorporate, absorb, integrate, and be playful with these energies. Experts use the term “grounding” to describe the process of assimilating this energy within your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. If you image that you are a conductor of electricity, it is advisable to have a grounding source to keep you from short-circuiting.  


{My recent “Feeling Frazzled? Be the Tree” blog post offers some simple and helpful tips for doing exactly this ~ as the trees do. Also, a side effect of the energies is that they can uproot remnant emotions and experiences that are ready to be healed and released. Read my blog post, “Build Strength and Resilience through Stillness” for assistance in this area.}  


At the beginning of this week, I decided to get creative since these blasts of energy carry possibility and potential with them, and I can create anything my imagination will allow. I first entered into a calm state of awareness, and I set the intention to utilize these creation energies in a positive way.  I was envisioning the cosmic light flowing into me, and I was absorbing the energy and creating bubbles of potential for me and the entire planet.


I eased the intensity and allowed myself to be a channel for the energy of potential that carries your bubble of possibility. I felt the energy lighten, and in my imagination, I saw bubbles floating all around me – just waiting to be informed, inspired, gathered, intended, molded, created, directed, and utilized by you.


The bubbles were infinite. They consciously and positively reacted to my intent to assist others in a creative way, and they flowed even more readily….like a bubble fountain! 


The previous feelings of excited awareness transformed into a light, cheerful flow of creativity, like a child’s playtime. I began seeing flowers popping up from the ground. It was like a celebration of life was occurring.  

If I hand you a bubble of potential, what shall you do with it?


Remember, it represents unlimited potential, therefore, it has no limits, bounds, or constraints.


Your imagination can provide the endless creativity that will allow you to make your own magic and miracles.


Are you ready to begin?


The incoming cosmic energies are here for you to integrate and actively use in a creative, optimistic, and fulfilling way.  Release all constraint and limiting beliefs and create some of your own magic today!


Bubbles of potential

Floating in and around your awareness

To create magic and mold miracles as you wish


To stay abreast of incoming electromagnetic and solar storms, subscribe to email alerts.


I’d like to thank Kati Kelo (Magical Goddess) for her inspiration to actually write a quick blog post about this. I was just going to share a quick summary, but somehow it blossomed into this creative expression as a result of her encouragement! She posed the question, “What actions can I take today to bring about the most fulfilling reality for me and for all the good that I AM?”

Give it a shot and see what you create. J

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Feeling Frazzled? Be the Tree

Have you been feeling a bit out of balance?

Do you feel anxious or uneasy for no reason (or maybe you can pinpoint the reason to a situation and can use some assistance.) 

Do you become agitated or feel a little down from time to time?

Are you feeling exhausted and depleted?


Intensified feelings and physical discomfort are commonplace as we are showered in intense cosmic energy. This amplified light penetrates our very being and effectively displaces and dislodges remnants that remain within our physical and emotional bodies that are ready to be released. This can consist of disharmonious emotions, old traumas, and deep wounds.  


There are practices that can assist you in effectively coping and managing these intense emotions and physical symptoms so you can maintain your harmonious balance and centered state of mind.


When you feel the chaotic emotions or exhaustion building, the simplest advice is to Be the Tree.

  • You can sway in the breeze and remain flexible as the winds of change flow within and around you
  • Your presence is firmly rooted into the depths of the planet
  • Your sense of well-being, vitality, and nourishment flow up from the core of the planet and into your physical and emotional body
  • A sense of calmness, centeredness, well-being, and security arise within you
  • You become a source of comfort and strength
  • Your emotions are soothed, your physical body is recharged, you are balanced, and your spiritual connection is aligned
You can visualize yourself as a tree that reaches its roots deep into the soil and becomes firmly rooted in the safety of the planet. You release anxiety as you feel the connection to life, itself.  Your breathing slows and becomes more relaxed as your rhythm matches the heartbeat of the planet.
You can now effectively sway through the day with detached awareness, presence, flexibility, and calm connection.

Practice this exercise anytime the need arises.

Pause, breathe, and be present in every moment.
Go Now and Be the Tree!
If you could use a little extra support, you are welcome to try this simple breathing exercise. I have also crafted some quick mantras to help you align your mind to a calm and peaceful state.
Feel free to share any of your stress-relieving and calming practices below!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

20,000 Gallons of Life

Life requires water.

Image by Shawnna Donop: Texas Rainwater Tank Holds 10,000 Gallons
With an increased awareness of the power, importance, and impact that water can and does have on society, I thought it might be interesting to delve into the subject a bit more. Oh, it’s also World Water Day in case you were not aware. Recent bouts of flooding around the world and the seeming adoption of the Yucatan climate in Texas this past season have brought to light the blessing, as well as hardship that water can bring. 

As I compare the abundance and overflow of water recently in the southwest US with the stark and dire drought situations abroad, as well as areas that have no available clean water unless a 4-hour trek is undertaken just to capture a daily source of sustenance for an entire family. It also comes to mind how water has become such a treasured element.

Has it become a matter of simple distribution or redistribution of the sources of water? Has it become scarce because of the exponential population growth in need of this precious resource? Have we become so complacent with its presence that we do not have the foresight to proactively plan conservatory efforts?  Do we honor the vast amounts of water held in the expansive oceans around the world (not to mention the life it all supports)?  How much do we pay attention to the protection of the purity and cleanliness of these bodies of water?    

I was amazed at a video I viewed recently which showed the severity of water pollution along the Ganges River (I was going to share a photo, but figured I’d better just leave it out.)  I could not fathom how the conditions became so severe, and I wondered what it would take to reach such a polluted level if an accompanying reverence was held for this source of life.  The video also showed the daily water supply trucks that arrive with drinking water for residents in India, and chaos ensues as folks try to capture enough of this limited fresh water to take home to their families.

Since the human body (oh, and the planet!) is comprised of over 80% water, its inherent importance requires no additional explanation.

Image Credit: Pinterest (Water, words, and consciousness)
It is also interesting to acknowledge the ability of water to emanate a type of conscious awareness of its surroundings. Have you seen the research showing its reflection of consciousness and ability to reflect patterns of thought and emotion? If you are interested, I invite you learn more about the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Words, thoughts, and music actually affect, impact, and influence the molecular structure of water. It makes you think twice about what music you choose to have playing on your radio since these patterns can form in your own body!

As far as conservation of water goes, I suppose I try to make conscious decisions in the way I use it.  Fortunate enough to have the ability to partake in rainwater collection (as a sole source of water to the home in which I live) which amounts to 20,000 gallons of fresh water, I have developed a newfound appreciation for the capture and storing of fresh, untreated water.  I still have not reached a point where I felt a rain dance was warranted!  I suppose Mother Nature has been very generous and supportive of this initiative. 

I do appreciate it when I see drought-prone areas relieving stress on water supplies by utilizing xeriscaping and synthetic lawn landscaping, such as in desert areas.  I enjoy seeing others, especially communities, who are making conscious decisions to use water wisely, and I see more new homes which are being offered rainwater collection in their neighborhoods. Interesting how some areas (Asia, Egypt, and now recently Australia) have heavily invested in and recently considered the use of desalination plants to utilize the water of the abundant ocean.     

Image Credit: Shawnna Donop
{Write or add stickers with the words
"LOVE" and "GRATITUDE" to encourage
harmonious molecules of water.}
After all of this I have shared, I wish to leave you with a simple question – have you honored, appreciated, and loved your water today? 
{A simple way to send a message of appreciation and harmony to the water you consume is to add a sticker or note to your water bottles and pitchers with positive, empowering, and uplifting words.}
Apparently, there’s power in the use of the words “Love” and “Gratitude” (Recipe = 1 part LOVE/ 2 parts GRATITUDE as in H20.)

If you wish to honor the spirit of water and celebrate World Water Day, here’s a great article that will remind us of how lucky we are to have clean, fresh water at our fingertips:

On World Water Day, a Story to Make You Feel Good About the World
(Article featured in Huffington Post, Written by Ryan Scott.)
….”Park’s novel combines the true story of Salva Dut with the fictional story of Nya, a Sudanese girl who must walk eight hours a day to retrieve water from a distant well for her family.”
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